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Windows 7 Film Festival results are out. Yes, there is a Film Festival in the IT world. Microsoft launched their latest OS recently. October 22 2009 saw the release of Microsoft Windows 7 to the public. Along with the release, Microsoft sponsored the Windows 7 Film Festival.

To celebrate the release on the new OS, Seattle-based filmmakers were given 72 hours to create a 30 second to 2 minute film. Each film is required to have the following elements: “Windows 7” mentioned as a prop; a character named “CIO Wiggins”, and the line of dialog “The guys in IT are going to? like this”.

17 teams took part in the festival. They got together at the Central Cinema in Seattle and picked a genre out of a hat. Every team received a different genre. They were to submit their production by 7 pm on October 18.

The winner was announced on October 27 at the Central Cinema. The grand-prize winner received $3,000, the “first prize” was $2,000, and six films won the $500 “second prize” in their specific genres.

The films can now be viewed on Youtube. Following is the grand-prize winning film.
[media id=18 width=600 height=337]

Take a peek at all the other entries at the Win7FilmFest Channel on Youtube.