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Keyboard Lead ImageHave you ever encountered a situation where your notebook’s keyboard jams up on you? It simply will not respond to anything you do. Even the touchpad is not responding. You know the keyboard is not broken because the brightness up and down function is still working. Well, don’t call your local support technician just yet. Here’s a quick 3 step solution for you. If this does not work, you can call your local support technician because maybe your keyboard really needs replacement.

So, without further ado, I present you the 3 step solution:

  1. Power off your machine. (A proper shutdown is implied here.. )
  2. Remove the notebook battery from its location (You may call your local support tech if you don’t know where the notebook battery is or how to remove it from your notebook. Tip – Don’t pry it off with a screw driver…)
  3. Re-insert your notebook battery into it’s location. (Don’t know where the battery should go into? Huh? Are you for real?)

Voila!!! Your keyboard and touchpad should now be working as usual again. What the.. Don’t ask me why. I’m not sure myself. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know about this until I searched the net for a solution.

Last weekend, a friend dropped by with his notebook. It seems that his little ones did something to his notebook which resulted in his keyboard being jammed as mentioned above. At first, I thought it was just a BIOS setting of some sort. Though I don’t really recall a setting to disable keyboard in BIOS. Is there such a setting? Anyway, after trying a few times and failing to get any respond from the keyboard, I turned to Google. The solution came from this post in the Notebook Forums and Laptop Discussion.

Yes, the solution does sound strange. Is there a relation between the keyboard and the battery? I really have no clue. Perhaps someone with some notebook hardware background can shed us some light about this.

What are the odds of you facing the same problem twice in a week? Yesterday, a customer sent in a notebook with the same exact problem. My colleague was practically pulling his hair out trying to figure out a solution. He almost made the call to the local tech support guy. I came in just in time. I was like.. Oh wow.. Deja vu. I told him to be prepared for some computer magic and I did the “Abacadabra..” thingy.

So, the next time your notebook keyboard locks up on you, you know what to do. Imagine, how much this 3 step solution has saved you. I’m sure the local tech support guy will surely hate me for revealing this. Hey, that’s easily $20, $30 worth of service fee, perhaps.

I hope my local tech support guy doesn’t read this.