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ASUS Disney Netpal - Princess PinkThe Best Laptop For Children today is Disney Netpal by ASUS. That’s the latest product coming out from the partnership between  Disney and ASUS.  It is essentially a netbook specifically designed and  built for children aged 6 – 12, to be exact.

Is the following scenario very familiar to you?

You are at home. You open up your notebook to work on some important work assignment which you thought you can finish up at home. The moment your notebook is booted up, your sweet little 6 year old come running to your side with a cute little smile.

“Daddy, can I watch Barney on your computer?” And they go.. blink.. smile.. blink.. smile.. blink..

I am pretty sure that most of the time, you end up surrendering your computer to them.

“This will not take long”, or  so you thought. Well, you thought wrong. They end up spending one hour at the very least, tinkering with Barney and his many friends.

Why Parents Think Twice About Buying A Laptop For Their Children

Many would have thought about buying a second notebook for your little ones. However, many have put that thought on hold due to many reasons:

  1. Price. A notebook is not cheap.
  2. Security on the net. How can you protect your children from harms way on the internet?
  3. Monitoring your children’s Internet activity. Can you limit where your children can go online?
  4. User Interface. Is the Windows Interface user friendly enough for your children?
  5. Will the notebook withstand poundings by a your children?

Reasons To Get A Disney Netpal Laptop For Your Children

Disney NetPal Magic Blue

Disney NetPal Magic Blue

The good news for most parents is here. Disney Netpal is the perfect solution for those looking for a second notebook to be used solely by your children. It addresses all of the issues mentioned above:

  1. The Netpal is basically a netbook. Netbook prices are considerably very low at the moment.  Most a priced at sub USD500.
  2. The Netpal is optimized for web safety. It allows parents to create a web-safe computing environment with many parental control options.
  3. Parents can also pull up data to determine where children spent time, and for how long, in the Disney Browser
  4. The Disney Desktop installed on the Disney Netpal by ASUS is an easy-to-use interface specifically tailored to kids, with an intuitive visual interface and instructions that make it easy for kids to operate the computer.
  5. Disney’s Laptop For Kids is rugged and durable. ASUS included a spill-proof keyboard on the netbook to protect against inadvertent liquid spills.
  6. The unit  is also equipped with ShockShield data protection to guard against data loss when the computer is subject to impact.

The Disney Netpal Hands-On Video By EnGadget

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What is the appropriate age to expose your child to the wonders of the Internet and provide them with their own computer for surfing? If you feel that your child is still too young for the Disney Netpal, you might want to check out this link to the Best Holiday Toys For Toddlers.