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If you use Instagram as one of your marketing channels, you probably have multiple Instagram accounts. It is then a constant login logout between your personal and business accounts. Certainly a pain in the rear đŸ˜‰

However, there exists an app called Instwogram.  It allows us to run two different sessions of Instagram on the same mobile. No more account switching back and forth between personal and business accounts. That is, if you have only two accounts, of course.

If you have more than two, use a different mobile set or bear with the pain of having to login and logout from your accounts.

A Quick Instwogram Introduction

Instwogram is an Instagram clone app. The current version of Instwogram is a clone of the current version of Instagram. As it is a clone, it can basically do all that the actual Instagarm client can do.

As with the actual app, Instwogram also allows you to share photos and videos with other Instagram users.

Where can you find Instwogram? It’s certainly not listed in the Google Play Store (if you are on Android).

I’ve made a quick video on how to install Instwogram into your Android sets. Have a look at the following video.

Steps To Install Instwogram On Your Mobile Set (Android)

If you are not able to follow the video, here are the steps to install Instwogram into your Android device.

  1. Search for “Instwogram” (without quotes).
  2. Click on the first search result. It should be a link to the xda-developers forum.
  3. Scrolll down and locate the Download link and click on it to download the latest version of Instwogram.
  4. Wait for download to complete.
  5. Install the APK when it has been fully downloaded into your device.
  6. Launch Instwogram and login into your account.

You now have the ability to run two Instagram accounts simultaneously without having to switch accounts.

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