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Google Wave Invited

Google Wave Invited

How many of you are already a Google Wave user? I’ve only been a user of this new hot Computer Technology for like three weeks now. Previously I’ve disclosed one Google Wave feature which I hoped Google or Firefox will fix in the near future. After three weeks of sporadically using this free google application, I’ve discovered another thing about it which I don’t quite like.

This will probably happen to many new Wave users if not all.

Once your wave account is activated, you will at first be excited to learn what Google Wave is all about. You’ll go through all the tutorials and videos made available in that Welcome Wave. You’ll also go searching for more Google Wave information on the net. This stage will probably last a day or two. I’d give it one week at the most.

5 Google Wave Contacts

5 Google Wave Contacts

After that first week, you’ll then realize one thing – you can’t really do much waving.. alone.

Google Wave is unlike traditional email where you can interact with anyone in the world who has email. At the moment, you can only wave with other Google Wave users. Since Google Wave is still under Preview mode, chances are, your contacts may not have a wave account yet.

Today, I’ve got a few more contacts added into my wave account. I can now wave with 5 other waver contacts. It’s getting less lonely in the Google Wave world right now. Will try to do some collaborative waving in the near future with them.

Trust me, waving alone is not much fun. You can’t really do much with it at the moment, especially when you are all alone in the wave island. That seems to be the major complaint about it at the moment. I do believe that once everyone get a grip to how to really utilize wave in their daily routine, Google Wave can be a tool you can’t do without.

Invite Others To Google Wave

Invite Others To Google Wave

To make things more interesting, I’ve just received an invite wave. What’s an invite wave? It’s where I can send Google Wave invites to others. So, would you like an invite from me? I only have a limited number of invites. Thus I may not be able to invite all of you.

So here’s how I’m going to do this.. If you want an invite, ask for it nicely and be as creative as you can. Don’t forget to leave me your email address (I think it has to be a gmail address at the moment). The first person to send in their request will definitely get an invite. I’ll then choose four of the best (creative) request and send invites to them.

You can drop in your request via the comment form below or better yet, if you have a blog, then write a post about this entry in your blog.

You all have until 12:00am Sunday (Malaysian Time, GMT +8) to send in your creative requests.

Update December 2nd 2009: Strange, I’ve received just one request. Congratulations Saifullizan! Happy waving bro! Perhaps no one is up to the task of sending in a creative request.

As such, I will now make it easier for you. Just drop in your gmail address and I’ll send over a invite. While stocks last!

Go ahead! Drop your GMail address at the comment section below.