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There is an unwanted development in the MyPortal scheme of things. In my previous entry on Build Your Own Portal With MyPortal, I promoted MyPortal as the solution for small businesses and individuals to enter the internet market space. A look at a few threads in the local Malaysia Internet Marketing forum has raised some concern about the company behind MyPortal.

In the interest of all prospective clients and future dealers, I am thus freezing my promotion of MyPortal until further notice. I will try to get tothe bottom of the situation. There are way too many claims and accusations going around right now. So, until the truth is clear, I advice all to stop and take a breather for a bit.

I would like to see how the management of MyPortal handle this situation. So far, they have yet to respond to any of the claims officially. Only a so called “representative” who goes by the nick of “myportal crew” has responded.

I believe, if Edorey is seriously genuine and clean, they have nothing to fear. Just come out with an official statement and be transparent about their actual business plan. The Internet Marketing scene in Malaysia is pretty much a mature scene. I believe, it would do Edorey and MyPortal a lot of good to get the backing of the local Internet Marketing experts.

It would also be beneficial to Edorey if they would also freeze all promotions of MyPortal until the issue is resolved. Yes, a freeze would put a dent in terms of their money flow. They will however, regain more in terms of respectability in the local Internet scene should they come out clean.

Please note. I have already enrolled as a dealer of MyPortal. I’ve got a few requests in line already. I am however not going to register any of them yet. Not until I get to the bottom of this issue. I urge all dealers to do the same. Let us all get to the truth.

I know Edorey could just ignore the claims and continue on with their business. That is entirely their prerogative. However, in doing so, will reflect badly on their business and in turn, their dealers will be the ones who ultimately suffer the consequences.

I have high hopes in the MyPortal program. I don’t want to see the program end up in smoke due to some historical past of anyone in the company.

Finally, to those who have subscribed as my potential clients and dealers of MyPortal, please bare with me for a while. I will get back to you once this issue has been resolved. If you still wish to continue and get the services of other MyPortal dealers, you may do so.