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Google WaveGoogle Wave is the new hot Internet application at the moment. You think Facebook is cool? Wait till you get your hands on Google Wave. Seriously, it really is a great application.

At the moment, Google Wave accounts are by invite only. Pretty much how Google Mail was when it they first launched it. You can go to the Google Wave site and request for an invite. Google will one day send you an invite. That will probably take a long time. You stand a better chance of getting one if you know some one who already have an account.

I’ve just received my invite to Google Wave. Thanks to for the invite.

I have yet to venture Google Wave in detail. I’m just currently going through the Getting Started and When To Use waves. Oh yes, in Google Wave, the items you work with are called waves. Each wave consists of blips. Don’t worry, you’ll get to know them when you have your Google Wave account.

Google Wave User Interface

Google Wave User Interface

I’ve just discovered one thing which I don’t quite like about Google Wave. If you are playing a video in Google Wave, don’t play around with the User Interface (UI). Every time you change anything on the UI, your video will be reloaded. It’s like the entire UI is reloaded into your browser.

This happened to me a few times now. I was watching the videos in the welcoming waves. Then I decided to minimize the middle Google Wave panel. Lo and behold, it resized the video panel and reloaded the video from scratch. This will be a major pain if you are on a slow line.

I think Google should look into this. I’m sure they can make it such that the third viewing panel is not reloaded when changes are made to other panels.

Wait..  something just crossed my mind. What if I try the same thing in Chrome? The browser I mean, not the Google Chrome OS? Hold on a minute… wait… wait… wait…

Ahah! Just as I thought. In Google Chrome I can pretty much do anything on the UI and still watch the video without interruption. Works fine in Internet Explorer 6 too!

I guess this is a browser thingy then. A Firefox limitation? Or is it just my Firefox?

Anyway, apart from that one minor flaw or bug or whatever it is.. after using Google Wave, you will not want to use eMail anymore. Facebook? I’m sure they will soon integrate with Wave once Wave goes public.

Will be looking for a Google Wave plugin for WordPress now.. It’ll surely be available anytime soon, if not already.

Google wave invites are a hot thing on the net right now. Do you want one? At the moment, I don’t have any free invites in my account. I’ll make an announcement in here when I have some. So, if you want an invite, check in here often. Better yet, subscribe to my KodeeXII.Net feeds.

For those who still have no clue to what Google Wave is, check out the following video.

[media id=19 width=600 height=337]

If you are still lost, this 120 minutes video should do the trick.

[media id=20 width=600 height=337]

Let’s start waving..