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The Best Computers For Small Business

The Best Computers For Small Business

In this age of technology, computers are pretty much a requirement for any business. Be it small or large, businesses need computers to run daily business operations. Large companies don’t really have a problem with buying computers. Small businesses, on the other hand normally have limited budget. Thus, they need to be really careful in their purchases. So, what are the best computers for small businesses?

Best Desktops For Small Business

Some may think that it’s more cost effective to purchase second hand computers for this purpose. I think otherwise. Second hand PCs may cost little at first, however, their cost adds up from wear and tear as they are mostly no longer under warranty.

The best desktops for small businesses, in my opinion, are Nettops. Nettop computers, like the ASUS Eee Box and Compulab FIT PC2, cost a fragment of regular desktops. They are also small, thus you can just put them anywhere on your working desk.

The best feature of a nettop computer is its power consumption. Nettops consume very little power. Some consume as much power as a power saving light bulb. You can basically have them running 24 by 7 without affecting your electricity bills.

Best Laptops For Small Business

If you are always on the go, then a laptop will suit you better. Not just any laptop. A regular laptop will, over time, be a burden on your shoulders. You need a small, lightweight notebook.

[asa]B002ONCBVC[/asa]In the past, small notebooks carries a pretty hefty price tag. This is no longer the case today. Netbooks have entered the market. They are relatively low priced. They are lightweight. They consume very little power.

Netbooks such as the HP Mini 311 and ASUS Eee PC 1101HA is what I would recommend as the Best Laptops for Small Businesses. The 10 inch models may be the best selling netbooks at the moment. However, I would go for 11 inches or more as they give you better graphics and screen resolution.

Planning on buying computers to run your small business? I highly recommend that you take a look at nettops and netbooks. They will certainly save you a lot in the long run.