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Low Cost Netbook - HP Mini Note Retail With XP RedA brand new gadget is now the craze of all gadget fanatics. Low cost netbooks have entered the market and about to become mainstream gadgets, from the looks of things at the moment. Yes, Netbook is the term used to describe these mini notebook devices which are capable of browsing the web and running applications.

It looks like a notebook. It functions exactly like a notebook. However, it is smaller in size. As such, some might call it a sub-notebook. At present, most netbooks are running on similar configurations, in terms of chipsets.

The latest in the market at the moment runs on:

  • Intel Atom 1.6 GHz Processor 512 KB L2 Cache with a 33 MHz Bus speed.
  • 10 inch, or less, backlit LCD screen.
  • 20GB SSD – 160GB SATA HDD
  • 512MB – 2GB DDR2 RAM
  • Ethernet / WiFi / Bluetooth
  • 3 – 5 in 1 Card reader.

Why should you get your hands on these lowly priced netbooks?

1. Not too expensive, not too cheap.

Low Cost Netbook Sylvania OrangeHow much do you think these devices are priced at? They are not called low cost netbooks for nothing. As of this writing, the most expensive unit is going at USD699. The majority of them are being offered at a sub USD500 today. The prizing must certainly put it high on the list of everyone’s christmas shopping list. Especially for those who’ve been putting off their decision to get a notebook of their own.

2. Not too heavy, not too light.

I’ve heard many complaints about carrying a heavy burden on their back every single day. As a matter of fact, I do have that problem too. We now have a solution to our aching back problem. Yes, these low cost netbooks are not only low in cost. They are also low in weight. Gone are the days of complaining about having to carry a large and heavy notebook on your back. These netbooks weights at the range of 2.0 – 4 pounds. Depending on the configuration of each netbooks.

3. Not too big, not too small.

Low Cost Netbook MSI Wind GreenA notebook can be too large a device for some. A sub notebook (those 8 inch devices) can be too small for some too. Enters the netbooks with a 10 inches body. These netbooks certainly looks to be the middle ground for a lot of people. They are sized just nice for majority of the people out there.

Of course, if you have really large hands, they could still pose a problem for you.

For the ladies, these netbooks will probably fit in snugly in your handbags. Thus, you don’t need to carry any other bags just for your netbooks.

4. Not a notebook, not a cellphone.

Yes, it’s not a notebook. With a mere 10 inch chasis, there’s not much screen space to play with. The highest resolution these low cost netbooks are able to display is at 1024 x 600. However, this still beats the crap out of the screen space of any high end cellular phones out there.

Have you ever tried browsing with any of those tiny cellphone screens? How about them on screen keyboards? I’ve tried them. Trust me. Having a 1024 x 600 screen and a proper keyboard is really worth it. For the price mentioned above, I’d rather have a larger screen and a keyboard to surf with rather than any small sized screen and a virtual keyboard on the small screen.

5. Cool Factor

Low Cost Netbook Lenovo S10 BlueYou would certainly look extra cool everytime you bring out your netbook. Today, most major netbook vendors are shipping out designer type casings of their netbooks. Notebooks and netbooks are no longer very dull in design.

They now come in glossy finishes and multiple choice of color.

How about that? 5 good reasons why you should get yourself a netbook today. Yes, if you are in the market for a computer or a notebook, why not take a look at the many netbooks on offer right now. Christmas is near. Have you completed your shopping? Is the netbook in your christmas shopping list? Why not include it in and get it now from the Low Cost Netbook Market while it’s still hot?