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Tottenham Players Celebrate Dawson's Goal At EvertonBuy Tottenham Hotspur 1963 European Cup Winners Cup Final Retro Shirt

Tottenham Players Celebrate Dawson's Goal At Everton

Tottenham were 2 – 0 up. Less than 15 minutes of playtime left. Two soft goals later, Everton clawed their way back to 2 – 2. Jermain Defoe, the wonder boy three weeks ago, then failed to convert a penalty deep in time added on. Tottenham Hotspurs Football Team returned home with just one point against Everton.

What do you Spurs fans think about last nights game? I am a tad disappointed with the way Tottenham played. They started the match, in both halves, positively. Somehow the positive football seemed to wane away each half.

In the first 15 minutes or so of both halves, Spurs had Everton pinned down in their backyard. However, they would then slowly allow Everton to get back into the match. Not only that, they would allow Everton to dictate the pace of the match. You can clearly see Spurs players playing catch up to Everton.

Seriously, for the past two matches, Spurs are not playing their usual game. Passes are rushed and went everywhere but to Spurs players. The central midfielders are just not winning enough balls. Yes, they do great tackles once in a while. That’s just not good enough. For Tottenham to uphold their stand in the top four, the midfielders need to buckle up. They must make the effort to win all the balls that come their way.

I think they lack the desire to win tackles. Here’s what I’m getting at. Ever seen how Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes or any other MU players play at midfield? They chase every single ball that comes their way. If they miss a tackle, they would be up an chasing the ball in an instant. That’s the attitude which is lacking in the Spurs players.

Through out the Everton match, I see players either walking or just looking at the ball if they missed a tackle. It’s just so frustrating.

Jermaine Defoe Tries To Chip The Ball Past Tim HowardBuy Tottenham Hotspur Home Shirt 2009/10 – Long Sleeve

Jermaine Defoe Tries To Chip The Ball Past Tim Howard

Frustration aside, Jermain Defoe and Aaron Lennon continue to show great chemistry. Lennon was his usual whizzy self causing mayhem on the right side of the field. Defoe’s sharp predatory instincts allowed him to pounce on the ball provided by Lennon for Tottenham’s first goal. Defoe’s 12 goal this season.

Michael Dawson once again showed he has a head for goals. Twice now,in consecutive matches, he scored from headers. Last night he also showed his flare as he presented Spurs with the second goal with a brilliant diving header.

Defensive midfield is not Tottenham’s only problem. The defense is another problematic area. Gareth Bale is simply not up to it last night. Everton’s Seamus Coleman practically ran circles around him which even resulted in Everton’s first goal. I’d have to say that Spurs will need to get at least another strong defender come the next transfer window.

Harry need to realize that the current squad is still far from good enough to make a challenge for the top four. I am also beginning to doubt Harry’s tactical decisions. Why didn’t he make any changes to the first team at all? Yes, it’s the team that went on a rampage against Wigan. However, it’s also the same team that drew with Aston Villa a week back. A little bit of change would surely have been good. A couple of fresh legs, at the very least, don’t you think?

Anyway, the two points dropped means Tottenham is now fourth in the league with 27 points. One point behind third placed Arsenal (28pts). Hot on our tail are Aston Villa (26pts), Man City (25pts) and Liverpool (24pts). Man City and Arsenal both have one game in hand. A pretty tight race for the third and fourth place indeed.

What are the areas where Harry needs to work on? Share your thoughts with me in here.

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