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Gunner's Fabregas hitting it pass the stretched hands of Gomes

Tottenham paid a heavy price against Arsenal last night for playing “Lazy Football”. Arsenal secured a comfortable 3 – 0 victory against the visiting Tottenham who pretty much did nothing through out the 90 minutes of football. Should Spurs really want to end the season at the top four, they will really have to shed that “Lazy Football” mentality which they put on last night.

What is “Lazy Football”? That’s what I deemed appropriate to describe how Spurs played against the Gunners last night. All they did the entire match was pass the ball around lazily. Once a while they would send a highball towards P.Crouch. Crouch would then jump up high and nod the ball down hoping the likes of Robie Keane would be around to control it.

How many attempts did they make at the Gunner’s goal? Probably just a handful. If my recollection is correct, I’d say Almunia was only tested once. Bentley’s freekick which went directly to Almunia and he tipped it over for a fruitless corner.

Harry Redknapp’s team clearly had no clue what they wanted to do in the match. Nobody had the courage nor desire to attack the Arsenal defense straight up. It’s as if all they were told to do in the match is to just pass the ball around at midfield.

It’s pretty obvious that Spurs rely on the creative juices of Aaron Lennon and Luca Modric. Both are not available last night. It’s really sad that a team like Spurs have only two players they could rely on to mastermind their engine room.

The saddest point for Spurs fans last night was probably during the second goal. The way the entire team just shutdown is truly shocking. That to me is the epitome of what I call “Lazy Football”.

Spurs have now played 7 matches without Modric. They’ve lost four and drawn one. In all four of those losses, Lennon was also either unproductive or not playing. Harry really need to have another Lennon or Modric on the team.

Harry should also look into Spurs defense. All three Arsenal goals came from very slack defending. It’s utterly shocking to see Tottenham defense allowing Fabregas to roll them around to score Arsenal’s second goal.

For reasons unknown to me, the entire Tottenham team was just totally out of it last night. Harry needs to do something about this if he wants to see the Spurs make a challenge for the top four spots.

Spurs have now lost two back to back league games. Their next Premier League match will be against Sunderland at home. Can Spurs turn things around? Can they stop having to rely on Aaron Lennon and Luca Modric to create chances at goal? Will someone step up and take over the role played by Lennon and Modric?

Come On You Spurs!