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NFL Ravens at Phins HeaderThe Miami Dolphins finally got their first win of the season. They had to work overtime to get it too. Yes, the match against the Baltimore Ravens went into overtime after both teams drew 16 – 16 in regular time.

At the half, the Phins were trailing by 10 points at 13 – 3. The Phins managed to overcome the deficit and took the lead 10 – 16 before the Ravens drew level in the fourth quarter to bring the game into overtime. The Ravens won the OT coin toss and went straight into offense. Their drive was thwarted by Phins defense near the 30 yard line. That sets up a 44 yard field goal. The Ravens’ kicker, however, dragged the kick wide right.

NFL Ravens at Phins Result

In the ensuing Dolphins’ drive, Cleo Lemon delivered the ball through the middle into the hands of WR Greg Camarillo for a 64 yard touchdown reception. Apparently, that winning TD is his first career TD.

The Dolphins won their first game since Week 14 of 2006, snapping a 16-game losing streak. … Ravens LB Ray Lewis left the game with a fractured hand and did not return. … Dolphins DE Jason Taylor (four tackles, two sacks) lined up as a WR in the second quarter. Lemon attempted a pass to Taylor in the end zone but it fell incomplete. … Ravens QB Kyle Boller left the game in the fourth quarter with a mild concussion. He was replaced by rookie Troy Smith (5-of-11, 49 yards), who led the Ravens on an 11-play fourth-quarter drive that tied the game and sent it into overtime. […]

NFL 1972 DolphinsThe 1972 Phins were also there. They were brought to the game to inspire the Phins to get their first win. Perhaps, they did just that. The Phins also did some position shuffling. At one time, they played a Defensive End as a Wide Receiver.

NFL Ravens at Phins FansI wish I was there to witness this historical moment in the Dolphins 2007 season. It must have been a very emotional game. I’m pretty sure many a fan was driven to tears when Camarillo crossed the end zone after his 64 yard reception. Every single one of them must have held their breath during his entire post reception run for the TD.

Now, if only they can make this the turning point. Turn their worst ever (probably) losing streak into one huge winning streak which is carried on into the next season. The next two seasons if possible. That would certainly be great, wouldn’t it.

So, Mr Azhar Rabu (the one and only die hard Phins that I know). What do you think of this result eh?