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Superbowl XLII LeadPicEli Manning and the New York Giants’ offense came through in the fourth quarter, after failing to get into the end zone in the first three quarters. It was a very tight and intense Superbowl. Both teams fought hard through out the entire 4 quarters of the match, until the final second of the fourth quarter.

The game started with two long drives by each team. The first quarter ended with just two drives – a superbowl record. The New York Giants opened the match with a long slow drive. Their 63 yards opening drive was made up of 16 plays which took almost 10 minutes of the play clock. The drive however, ended only with a 32 yards field goal attempt which was converted to make it a 3-0 Giant lead.

The New England Patriots, took just about 5 minutes in their 12 plays and 56 yards opening drive to get into the end zone. T.Brady handed the ball over to L.Maroney for a 1 yard carry into the end zone. It was then 3 – 7.

The 3-7 score line would remain unchanged until the fourth quarter as both teams fought it out in the middle of the field. Both defenses fought hard and managed to stop the offense from getting into the end zone.

Superbowl XLII Result

The New York Giant offense finally got into the end zone in the fourth quarter. Eli Manning connected with D.Tyree for a 5 yards TD pass in the middle after an 80 yards drive which took just about 4 minutes. The Giants was in the lead again – 10-7. Time was still a plenty for T.Brady and his bunch, however.

A couple of possessions later, T.Brady hooked up with R.Moss for a 6 yards TD pass. R.Moss was open and free in the end zone as his coverage slipped to the ground while scurrying back into the end zone. It was then a 10-14 game with just 2:42 in the game.

Eli Manning’s answer to T.Brady’s TD drive was a superb TD drive of his own. The drive includes an amazing escape from a sure sack and an equally amazing if not superb first down catch by D.Tyree following the sack escape. The topping to the two magnificent act was the TD throw to P.Burress. It’s 17-14 now.

With 3 time-outs left and a mere 0:35 left on the play clock, T.Brady sets out once again to try and work out a miracle for one last time. 3 time outs and a couple of incomplete hail marries later, the Patriot’s perfect season ended.

The Giants became the only team to defeat the Patriots this season, in their second attempt. Both teams met in the last game of regular season. They are also the first Wild Card team from the NFC to win the Super Bowl. Eli Manning and the Giant offense should thank the entire Giant Defense for the win. They managed to keep T.Brady and the Patriot Offense out of the end zone for most of the game while waiting for the Giants’ Offense to find their way into the end zone.

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I guess the 1972 Dolphins will surely enjoy this result. They are still the only team to have an undefeated season.. some 30+ years ago. Go Dolphins!!