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SEA Games 2007 LogoMalaysia’s hope of qualifying to the semi-finals in the SEA Games 2007 football tournament went down the drain. This came about after Malaysia only managed to win a single game in Group B of the tournament. The Merdeka Cup champion started of with 0 – 1 a loss against Vietnam. They bounced back from that loss with a sound 4 – 0 win against Laos.

SEA Games 2007 Mascot SoccerNeeding an outright win against Singapore, the Malaysian team faltered under pressure as they squandered an early lead to draw 1 – 1 with Singapore. The draw puts them third in Group B, thus, denying them a spot in the semi-finals. Here’s how the group stands at present:

SEA Games 2007 Football Table

Malaysia actually went into the tournament with the hopes of bringing back a gold medal. This expectation came about perhaps after the recent success in the Merdeka Cup. The Merdeka Cup success, however, could not spur the Malaysian team to perform at their top level in Korat.

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