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The top three Malaysian Super League (MSL) teams continue their winning ways. Kedah, Selangor and Perak, secured their three points in week 20 of the 2007/2008 season of MSL. As usual, being a Selangor fan, today’s review is the Selangor vs Pahang match.

However, before I go into the details of the Selangor vs Pahang match, lets take a peek the other matches briefly. The six matches played this week:

  • UPB MyTeam vs Kedah
  • Selangor vs Pahang
  • Perak vs Penang
  • Brunei vs Perlis
  • Terengganu vs PDRM
  • NS Naza vs Sarawak

MSL Review March 15th Results

Selangor, currently in second, went up against Pahang in Shah Alam. It’s Dollah Salleh vs Zainal Abidin Hassan. Two prominent names in Malaysian soccer who are best friends. Both of them will have to use their knowledge of each other to outwit one another.

Pahang came visiting with intent to collect three points from Selangor. They almost did get the three points. At least, that’s what they thought, as they went into the dressing room at half time. Yes, at half time, thanks to goals from Hairuddin Omar and Rosdi Talib.  Both goals came very late in the first half. As both teams were almost content to end the half level, Selangor players and fans were given a shock as Pahang scored their first in the 43rd minute when Hairuddin Omar slotted in his first of the night. Rosdi Talib would add further injury to the scar when he scored Pahang’s second deep in time added on of the first half. Thus, Dollah Salleh had to really think fast and reorganize his players for the second half.

Whatever Dollah did during the half did wonders to the Selangor team. They came out with all intent and purpose to steal the three points aways from Pahang. Safiee Sali opened the gates for Selangor in the 52nd minute. Selangor’s top scorer, Frank Seator (11 goals in the MSL), equalized in the 69th. Frank Seator, later added his second, and Selangor’s go ahead goal in the 78th minute to make it 3 – 2 for Selangor.

Being only a goal down, Pahang strived hard to get an equalizer.  They pushed forward and pressured the Selangor backline. To add more sting into the Selangor attack, Dollah sent in Akmal Rizal and Amirul Hadi late in the game for Frank Seator and Elie Aiboy. The change proved successful as Akmal ensured Selangor’s three points when he turned in Amirul Hadi’s cross for Selangor’s fourth in the 90th minute. Thus, killing of Pahang’s hope for a draw in Shah Alam.

Pahang did, however, managed to get another goal deep in time added on. Hairuddin Omar drove his second goal in the 92nd minute. In the end, Selangor edged Pahang with a 4 – 3 scoreline. Another night of high scoring match in Shah Alam. The fans would certainly enjoy such a game.

Three more points for Selangor. A good result for Selangor as they keep their pressure on the current MSL leader – Kedah. Kedah now sits at the top with 41 points. Selangor is hot on their heels – just two points away with 39 points. Kedah, however, do have a one match advantage as they’ve only played 17 matches.

Selangor, will also have to be wary of Perak. Perak sits strong at third place with 37 points. That’s just two points away. Should Selangor falter in any of their future matches, Perak would gleefully take over the second spot. Perak’s next MSL match will be an away trip to current leader Kedah.Thus, they have a direct chance to cut Kedah’s lead in the table should they win in the trip to Kedah this coming 23rd. Selangor too would benefit should Perak win.

Here’s how the team stands in the MSL table currently.

MSL 07/08 Table March 15th

Go Selangor!!