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No Malaysian Super League (MSL) matches were played this week. The first leg of the FA Cup Second Round matches were played instead. The top 5 teams in the MSL are scheduled to go up against each other – Perak FC (third) hosts Selangor FC (second) in Ipoh, while Terengganu FC (fourth) plays host to NS NAZA (fifth) in K.Terengganu.

Eight matches were played in this first leg FA Cup Second Round.  The results of those matches follows.

MSL Review FA Cup Second Round First Leg Results

Kedah had an easy night out as they basically stroll past Sarawak at home. They sent Sarawak packing with three unanswered goals. All three goals came late in the halfs – two in the first half, which included an own goal by Sarawak’s S.Mansa deep in time added on. The third goal was slotted in by the MSL leading scorer A.James in the 90th minute.

Selangor FC went on a trip up north in this first leg. Their host, Perak, fresh from their recent humbling crash in the AFC Cup. Selangor seemed destined to add further damage to the Perak’s morale. They took control of the match and went up ahead by 2 goals at the half. Strikes from S.Sali (16th) and E.Aiboy (32nd) seemed to signal that Selangor is taking full advantage of their opponent’s supposedly low morale after their AFC debacle.

A.Shahrul pulled one back for Perak in the 52nd to make it a 1-2 affair. However, further strikes from F.Seator (57th) and S.Sali (59th) made it 1-4 for Selangor. Selangor looked certain to carry a 3 goal advantage on the return leg. Then M.Razali weaved his magic spell.

As if spellbound, Perak’s M.Razali went on a shooting spree in a 6 minutes blitz. 6 minutes, that was how long it took for M.Razali to undo what Selangor had done in 60 minutes of the match. He pulled Perak level with strikes in the 60th, 63rd and the 66th minutes.

I’d consider Selangor very lucky to have at least walk away with a draw. It would seem that after taking the huge lead, the players, fell asleep in the field. How else would you explain letting in three goals in  a matter of 6 minutes and giving up a 3 goal advantage? Selangor’s head coach, D.Salleh, was fuming with disgust to the way his players performed on the field. I believe, the players are probably looking at some extra hours in training for what they displayed that night.

Selangor still has an advantage, though, because should they draw the return leg, they have 4 away goals on their side. Perak will need to come out winners to advance to the next round. Are we going to see another high scoring match in Shah Alam?

Go Selangor!!