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Chad Henne calls a play at scrimmageBuy Miami Dolphins Gears

Chad Henne calls a play at scrimmage

The Miami Dolphins traveled north and completed the season’s sweep of the New York Jets. The Fins came back with a 30 – 25 win over the Jets in a thrilling match that kept everyone on edge until the final whistle. Two kick-off TD returns, a fumble recovery TD and splendid defense was the key in this win over the Jets.

Ted Ginn Jr displayed his true talent by returning two kick-offs for touchdowns. A first in the Dolphins record books. His amazing feat is also the first in the NFL since 1967 when Travis Williams of Green Bay scored twice from kick-off returns in one quarter. His 101 yards kick off return is also subsequently the franchise’s second longest ever recorded.

The Miami defense also got into the scoring fray. Veteran Line Backer Jason Taylor added a sixth TD into his collection of fumble return touchdowns. Picking up the ball after Paul Soliai stripped Shonn Greene of the ball in the third quarter, he scrambled into the end zone to make it 17 – 6 for the Fins.

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Even with the two spectacular returns from Ted Ginn and Taylor’s fumble return, the Jets was never too far behind. Every time the Dolphins score, the Jets would come back to score. Mark Sanchez, would lead the Jets in the air as the Fins managed to smother their running game.

The Jets came into the game as the league’s leading rushing team. The Dolphins defense got down to limiting their rushing to 127 yards on 40 carries. The Jets, had better success throwing the ball this time. They managed to keep themselves in the game and keep up with the Fins every time the Dolphins score.

The Miami defense finally stood their ground in the final Jets drive. Forcing a fourth and long. Sanchez then overthrew into the end zone after finding all his receivers covered by the Miami defense.

Miami Dolphins Locker Room After The Jets GameView Video

Miami Dolphins Locker Room After The Jets Game

After last week’s lost to the Saints, this win should be a morale booster for the Dolphins. Ted Ginn showed that he is indeed a remarkable talent after receiving huge flak from his critics through out last week. The Dolphins still have a lot to improve on, though. They need to be able to truly stop opponents from scoring with ease. The defense need to really dominate the game.

The Miami Dolphins Team travels to New England next week to face the Patriots. The Patriots are now 5 – 2 in the NFL. They have yet to lose any of their home games. They are 1 – 1 in division matches. The Pats have only allowed one touchdown in their last two matches. They’ve scored a total of 94 points in that two games against Tennessee and Tam Bay.

Miami have got a tough match ahead of them. Will the Wildcats formation shine for them next week?

Go Go Dolphins!