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Euro 2008 Portugal vs TurkeyThey say this is the year that Portugal will claim the Euro 2008 championship. L.Figo and other former stars are no longer in the team. Portugal will be relying on their current young talents to bring them to the top of Euro2008. They say, it’s time for the young stars like C.Ronaldo and Nani to prove themselves.

Portugal came out with a 4-5-1 formation. N.Gomez acts as their lone striker upfront. C.Ronaldo, Deco and Simao acts as the attacking midfielder. Their attacking formation caused a whole lot of problems to the Turkish side.

C.Ronaldo, pretty much mesmerized the turkish defense with his fancy footworks. N.Gomez striked the goal framework twice. The Turkish defense was finally broken down in the 61st minute. Pepe, rushing forward from his central defensive role, played a one two with N.Gomez and slotted home from close range.

R.Meireles sealed victory for Portugal late in the second half. In another quick short and swift passes by the edge of the box, between three players (C.Ronaldo, J.Moutinho, R.Meireles) R.Meireles confirmed three points for Portugal.

Euro 2008 Portugal vs TurkeyTurkey, for the most part of the match never really threatened the Portugal side. For all the possesion they had, they lacked the tiny bit of brilliance in front of goal where it matters the most. The only player from the Turkish side worth mentioning is their goal keeper, V.Demirel. Turkey would probably have suffered a more hummiliating defeat if not for his excellent performance in front of the goal.

This game indeed showed the attacking prowess of the Portugal team. Their strike capability is not to be taken lightly. Though young at age, the team seems to gel together very well. Their midfield is perhaps the most potent midfield in the tournament.

The Sports Reviews And Updates predicts that Portugal will advance to the next round as champions in Group A. Followed closely by Czech Republic. Following is how the table will stand at the end of Round 1 for Group A:

Group A TeamsPldPts
Czech Republic36