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The new season begins. Thirteen teams competing at the top level with 2 newly promoted teams this year – Scomi MyTeam and PDRM. Six games were played in the opening day. Following are the results of those games.

MSL 07/08 Week 1

This year’s Charity Shield match goes up north. Both Kedah Canaries and Perlis Lions fought it out to a goalless draw. The lions in the end managed to spoil the Canaries’ attempt at getting their one additional medal for the year. The Canaries lost out on penalties (4 – 5).

The biggest win of the night goes to PDRM. They trashed the home team, Sarawak, with a 4 – 1 scoreline. Every other game ended with almost the same scoreline – either 2-0 or 2-1.

Selangor, started of with a 2 – 0 win over N.Sembilan NAZA. Starting the season with no imports, Selangor pulled off a dramatic win over NS NAZA. Playing with only 10 men after the team captain was sent off for a red card offense, NS NAZA could not muster a comeback after the two goals by R.Surendran and Amri Yahyah. Perhaps the downside of the game for Selangor would be the missed penalty by Akmal Rizal – after having to repeatedly retaking it for three times. They say “The third time’s a charm..” Maybe not for Akmal Rizal in this case.