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The NFL season is over. Regular season, that is. Thus, the Miami Dolphins’ treacherous season has ended. They end the season with another loss (expected?) to the Cincinnati Bengals. In a game that probably nobody cared for, as everyone would probably be focusing on the record breaking match between the Patriots and the Giants over in New York. The game also has no bearing to both teams as both just wanting to end their losing season.

NFL 07 Bengals at Dolphins Scoreline

Even with Bill Parcells, the new Executive Vice President of Football Operations, watching the match, the Dolphins still could not muster a commendable performance to win their final match. B.Parcells recently signed a four year contract with the Dolphins. His signing brings hope that he will bring change into the organization. Here’s what Dolphins owner, Wayne Huizenga has to say about B.Parcells.

“Bill’s accomplishments put him among the most successful head coaches in NFL history, and this position was created to take advantage of his unique background and expertise, .. We all know the respect that he has around the NFL. He has a proven track record of success everywhere he has been in the National Football League, and his football acumen will help put the Miami Dolphins franchise back among the elite of the NFL.”

The Phins sent in their rookie QB, John Beck, in the 3rd quarter. Cleo Lemon had to be replaced due to injury. He fumbled his first snap, which was recovered by the Bengals for a TD. That brought the score to 28 – 10.

NFL 07 Bengals at Dolphins Q3 Fumble Stats

As such, that fumble probably signifies the Dolphins’ season this year. A season filled with mistakes and errors. A season never to be repeated, ever again.

NFL 07 Dolphins Average StatsIt is now time for the thinkers in the Miami franchise to put on their thinking cap. Assess the completed season. What really went wrong, and rectify it before the next season starts. Study the statistics.

In almost every aspect of the game, the stats show that the Dolphins are ranked among the lowest. The only exception is for Defensive Pass Yards Allowed – here, the Dolphins are ranked fourth in the NFL. An excellent figure for a 1-14 team, I’d say. If only they are also as good at defending the rush, they’d probably have a better season.

Next, check out the season’s team statistics. Ok, I’m not much of a stats person actually. What I can see, our numbers are way lower than the opponents’. Except, of course for the total passing yards. As stated earlier, we are good at defending against the pass.

NFL 07 Dolphins Team Stats

Let’s hope that the stats will be a whole lot different next season. Let’s see if B.Parcells can work his magic at the Dolphins. Go Fins!!