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Euro2008 Soccer started with the co-host Swiss against Czech and Portugal against Turkey. It was an exciting start to the tournament indeed. The highlight of the day would probably be the second match. Fans of C.Ronaldo would certainly have high anticipation to be mesmerized by the highly skilled feet of C.Ronaldo.

The curtain raiser match between co-host Switzerland and Czech Republic was pretty much as exciting as it could be for an opening match. With the co-host playing to win, they took control of the match from the word go. The Czechs pretty much relied on quick and fast counter attacks. The fans are pretty much kept on their toes through out the match.

The Swiss, via A.Frei, made numerous attempts at the Czech goal. They kept Petr Cech really busy through the entire match. Frei’s participation in the match was cut short, however. He had to be replaced near half time due to an injury to his knee.

Frei’s replacement, Hakan Yakin proved to be a worthy substitute. He roamed freely and caused even more problems to the Czech defense with his turns and splitting passes. Frei’s absence was never missed as H.Yakin exerted his dominance in the midfield for the Swiss.

He is not Loving It! A.Frei in pain with an injured knee.All the failures to convert finally came back to haunt the Swiss. In a superbly executed counter attack, Czech’s substitute V.Sverkos became the Czech hero as he slotted home his first international goal. The goal came off a forward header by Z.Grygera. Sverkos, beating the offside trap, controled the ball and then swiftly drove the ball past the outstretch hands of Swiss keeper D.Benaglio.

There is a lesson to be learnt from this match. Dominance and attempts at goal means nothing if they are not converted into goals. The Swiss had both dominance and attempts at goal. They however did not convert any of them into goals. The Czechs on the other hand, took their chances well when it mattered and converted one. That one conversion is enough to get them the three points they required.

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