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44 years of waiting is a pretty long time. That’s how long it’s been since Spain last won the European Soccer Champion title. They last won the Euro Soccer tournament in 1964. After the full 90 minutes last night (early morning Malaysian time), they finally captured their second title by a 1-0 scoreline. Yes, Spain beat the pre tournament favorites, Germany, by a one goal margin. Spain is the Euro2008 Soccer Champion

Game Summary
Germany started the match with intent while Spain started rather nervously. Sergio Ramos’s weak pass was intercepted by M.Klosse in the 3rd minute, right at the edge of the penalty box. The striker, however, failed to control the ball. Pressured by Spanish defenders, the ball went out for a goal kick. For the first 15 minutes, Germany took control of the match and put pressure on Spain.

Germany’s first attempt on goal came in the 8th minute. T.Hitzlsperger’s shot at goal was safely collected by Spain’s I.Casillas. Several other chances appeared for the Germans. They however, failed to turn them into shots at goal.

Euro2008 Soccer: Spain Is ChampionSpain, after starting rather nervously, gained their composure as Germany failed to mount any serious threats at their goal. In one of their first attacks, Spain managed to force J.Lehmann to make a reflex save. If not for the 38 year old’s superb reflexes, Germany’s C.Metzelder would have probably scored an own goal as he deflected a cross towards goal.

It was then, all Spain. They took control from the midfield and had numerous looks at the Germany goal. F.Torres saw his header shook Germany’s post as the outstretched hands of J.Lehmann was beaten in the 22nd minute.

F.Torres, finally got his second goal of the tournament in the 33rd minute. Spanish midfielder, Xavi, sent a defense splitting pass from deep behind Germany’s defense. All three, P.Lahm, J.Lehmann, and F.Torres raced for the ball. F.Torres managed to squeeze past P.Lahm. F.Torres then chipped the ball over J.Lehmann as the keeper reached for it to score Spains’ first and winning goal. D.Silva, could have doubled the score a minute later. He, however, made the first miss que of the match as he ballooned the ball over a wide open goal in the 34th minute.

From then on, Spain created many more chances which they failed to convert. Germany on the other hand, tried with all their might to get back into the game. Their forwards failed to do much as Spain’s four man defense proved to be a hard nut to crack.

In the end, that single goal from F.Torres was enough to crown Spain as the Euro2008 Soccer Champion. Not even the bloody head of M.Ballack could deny Spain their title. Spain, the most consistent team through out the tournament, get to celebrate as the champion after a 44 year wait.

Euro2008 Final Firsts
1st shot at goal: Germany, Thomas Hitzlsperger, 3rd minute
1st foul: Spain, F.Torres, 5th minute
1st corner: Germany, B.Schweinsteiger, 11th minute
1st save: Germany, J.Lehmann, 14th minute
1st attempt to hit post: Spain, F.Torres, 22nd minute
1st goal: Spain, F.Torres, 33rd minute
1st miss que: Spain, D.Silva, 34th minute
1st bloody injury: Germany, M.Ballack, 35th minute
1st yellow card: M.Ballack & I.Cassilas, 42nd minute
1st substitution: Germany, M.Jansen for P.Lahm, 46th minute