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Dolphins LogoThe Dolphins helped create history today. They helped the Patriots become the first team in the NFL to reach 15-0. Yes, the Phins lost again today. They lost to perhaps the best performing team in the NFL this season.

The Patriots also broke another record in the game. The long held record of 1984 Dolphins. The Patriots have scored 71TDs this season. The 1984 Dolphins held it at 70 TDs. Patriots’ QB, T.Brady is also now tied with Dan Marino (Phins 1984) for NFL’s 2nd best all time in total TD for a season at 48 TDs.

The Dolphins could not continue their winning form (of just one match). They were playing second fiddle through out the entire match. The Patriots, true to their current form, scored in their first drive in the first quarter. They scored three more TDs in the second quarter. The Phins’ only TD came late in the third quarter. Quarterback C.Lemmon connected with G.Camarillo for their sole TD of the match.

NFL 07 Phins at Patriots Results

Well, I think it’s somewhat expected I guess. This loss, I mean. We’ve got the worst performing team (1-13) playing against perhaps the best performing team (15-0). I’d say the Phins are lucky they were not totally trashed by the Patriots. The fourth quarter was pretty drag. Should the Patriots had gone out with all guns blazing through the entire match, I’d say the scoreline would be very different. The Patriots probably put their foot off the pedal in the second half of the game. They were leading by 4 TDs then.

By the time the Dolphins managed to get their TD, the match winner was already decided. It was already very late in the 3rd quarter. By the way the Phins were playing, scoring 3 more TD in the 4th would truly require a miracle of epic proportion. Here’s a look at the Phins’ sole TD stats.

NFL 07 Phins at Patriots Q3TD

Here’s how the AFC East stands as of today

TeamWLTWin %
New England14001.000
New York Jets3110.214

For more official news and highlights of the match, head on over to the Official NFL site. Official NFL news of the Dolphins are also available at the NFL’s team profiles. Images in this post are taken from the NFL’s Official Site.

Look at the bright side, at least the Phins get to be part of an NFL history.