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AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 Malaysia Team

The team that can bring home the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010

Malaysia can win the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. They have only 180 minutes to go. All they have to do is score some goals and prevent Indonesia from doing the same.

Malaysia was humbled by Indonesia in their opening match in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. The then young but talented Malaysian team made too many mistakes and allowed Indonesia too much space. As a result, Indonesia won the match 5-1.

Nobody, gave any hope for that young team. However, thanks to a never give up attitude and the Malaysia Boleh mindset, these youngsters are now in the Finals of the prestigious South East Asian football tournament. They have put their worst behind them.

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From that one humbling game, they have improved in leaps and bounds. We have seen them at their worst. Have we seen them at their best? No. The team have managed to peak just at the right moment in the tournament. That is the key to their success. Plus, their winning mindset. Thus, we are about to see the Malaysian team at their very best in these two legs of the finals.

It has been a while since Malaysian have seen a national team with such promise. This team, is probably that team at the moment for Malaysia. This team brought back the SEA Games Gold medal last year. That was the beginning of their promising journey.

This year, even without so many first choice players, they have stayed united as a team on the field. They have shown that Malaysia can defend as a unit. Vietnam, the defending champion got a taste of it as they failed to break down our stout defensive unit.

This young set of players have also shown that they can break down defense when they want to. Yes, we only saw glimpses of attack in the second leg of semi final in Vietnam. However, when we did move forward, it was promising indeed.

Malaysia will do well if they come out tonight with an attacking mindset. Everyone knows that we can defend. They probably expect us to defend. So, going all out to attack will probably surprise them and cause them to readjust their tactics.

In these two legs of the final, the Malaysian striking duo of Safee Sali and NorShahrul Idlan will have to make good all the chances that come their way. We have proven that we can attack. Our midfielders can open up defenses if they want to and create chances for the top two. It’s the strikers’ job to finish up on the opportunities.

We have three players who are just a couple of goals away from the top scorer title. Safee, NorShahrul and Amri have two goals to their credit at the moment. One shy of Indonesia’s Gonzales who have three to his name.

Are we going to see a lot of goals in the finals? Yes, certainly, if both teams were to put on an attacking mindset. Both teams have looked sharp in front of goals. They both have proven that they can score goals.

Only one team will be crowned the champion. Looking at the performances of both teams in the two legged semi finals, I would have to say that Malaysia is the more likely winner. While Indonesia looks better on paper, they are a team whose form is on the dipping side while Malaysia is rising.

Malaysia, goes on the field tonight as the under dogs. However, these young boys of K. Rajagopal have shown that they are truly focused on winning the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 Champions title. I’ve specified 12 reasons why Malaysia can be in the Finals. The same 12 reasons will also bring the Cup home. Malaysia 3 – 0 Indonesia.

How many goals will the young Harimau Malaya score tonight? Can Indonesia score against us tonight?