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0 – 13! Will they get their first win of the season? It’s a season to remember, as it is, for the wrong reasons. A season to remember, perhaps, in the sense to never repeat in the future. If you’re wondering, I’m talking about the Miami Dolphins’ football season. Yes, they have yet to win a single game. Their latest woeful act is against the Bills.

Dolphins at Bills

I really can’t imagine how the fans are feeling right now. I wonder if they are still coming to the pitch to support the team during home games. Over here, I’m pretty sure the fans would’ve stopped attending the matches. Oh yes, most of the fans have season tickets. They’ve prepaid for the entire season. Thus, they probably do still come the games – they’ve paid for it already.

Anyway, I do hope that the team will at least manage to secure one win before the season ends – 3 more games to go. Baltimore, New England, and Cincinnati. These three teams certainly wouldn’t want to be the team to break the egg. Thus, the pressure will certainly be on them. The Fins should be going all out into offensive mode. They should go for broke. They’ve got nothing to lose anyway. What difference is there between 0 – 13 and 0 -16? They’re both extreme numbers already.

What should they do? I don’t know. They can just do anything. Switch the offense with the defense? Dump the playbook and design adhoc new plays on the field itself? Whatever it is, I’d say they ought to do something to secure at least one win, if not the remaining matches.

Go Fins!!! I’d still be a fan, even if they end up 0 -16. Hahaha..