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9 Simple Ways To Promote Your Online Business To Raise Sales

Setting up your Online Store is just the beginning of your online business journey. One of the most common problem faced by online store owners – lack of visitors and sales. You’ve got a super nice looking online store. Why aren’t the sales coming in? Take the 9 steps I provide, and you should be seeing volumes of sales.

Creating The Best Elevator Pitch For KodeeXII.Net

I’m in the midst of creating an elevator pitch for KodeeXII.Net because that’s the first task in 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. This is certainly the first time I heard about such a thing. Perhaps some of you kind readers are willing to help me out here? Your assistance would certainly be appreciated.

10 Days To Get Google Apps With 50 Users For FREE!

Get Google Email, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Sites and more for 50 users in your Small Business at no charge! Google Apps Standard Edition enables your enterprise to communicate and collaborate on projects together on the world wide web.

Why Do You Buy?

I’m sitting at my Flea Market booth wondering How To Make More People Buy From Me. Does any one know the answer to this question? Why Do You Buy? Anyone? If you do, care to share it with me?