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Use This Plugin To Schedule WordPress Posts

It is important to schedule WordPress posts. It gives your readers an assurance of getting your posts in a timely manner and frees up your time effectively. Do you schedule your Blog posts? Have you tried the Edutorial Calendar WordPress plugin? Is it the best blog scheduling plugin? Read about it. What says you?

How To Get Backlinks To WordPress Site From Copy Paste Visitors.

Many web contents are copy pasted all over the internet without the original owner knowing about it. However, there is a simple way for you to take advantage of the many copy paste happy visitors. You can insert your URL into the text being copied automatically. Yes, get backlinks whenever someone copy pastes your content on the web.

Your Gmail Slap Recovery Quick Guide

Are you one of the many email marketers who are looking for a Gmail Slap recovery solution? You have just found what you are looking for. Look no further. Here I have a workable solution you could use to ensure that your subscribers see your follow up emails.

Emperor Social Webinar Replay

Follow the Emperor Social Webinar Replay and learn how you can find a prospect on Facebook and then do a quick design of their Facebook Fanpage using Emperor Social. Click Click Click, Drag and Drop.. and you have great looking Facebook Landing Page ready to showcase the prospect. All done within 10 – 15 minutes.