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xMRSM Muar Batch 88 Reunion 2009

xMRSM Muar Batch 88 Reunion 2009

Ansara Muar Batch 88 had a reunion. 21 years after we left MRSM Muar. The last time we had a reunion was like ages ago. I can’t even remember when.

This time around, the reunion was held at the MPSJ 3K facility in Subang Jaya. Nothing fancy. We just needed a comfortable place to gather for dinner and touch base with each other. 3K also provides rooms for those who were traveling to KL.

Mike, Ramboi and I car pooled to the event since we lived nearby. Reached 3K at around 8pm. Everyone was already enjoying their dinner. Our tardiness was justified.. we had Ramboi with us. Hahaha.. Sorry Ramboi.. can’t help it..

Anyway, among the first few batch mates we met were Mok, Lalek, Bonat and Badak. They arrived at the same time as we did. Took me a few seconds to recognize Bonat. Somehow I was of the impression that he was not able to make it to the reunion. Hehehe.. sorry Bon.. after all, it’s been what? 21 years since we last met?

Then, just outside the hall entrance, sits a rather familiar face. Lo and behold, it’s Angau! Again, sorry Angau. Just could not recall who you were at first. Hehehe.. Besides, you being there really was a surprise. Hahaha.. Mingled around with the few others who were hanging out outside the hall for a bit. Then went straight for the food. Tummy was already complaining anyway.

The Food Was Really Good

The Food Was Really Good

Food was good. Love the “Udang Sambal Petai”. Somehow food was really not important that night. As long as it didn’t taste terrible I’d say no one would complaint. I think every one of us there just wanted to meet each other. After all, it really has been quite a while since we last got together like this. Food was likely just an after thought to everyone. I know it was for me. I can only remember the “Udang Sambal Petai”. What else did they serve?

Only Cikgu Safar, Cikgu Faridah and Cikgu Ajid was able to attend, though. Yes, we also invited our homeroom advisors to the event. Too bad only the three could attend. Well, perhaps next time, insyallah. Surprisingly, all three of them looked as if they didn’t age. They pretty much looked just the way I remembered them.

After a quick dinner and a brief chat with Cikgu Safar, it’s time to catch up with old friends. I thought I would probably have problems putting names to the faces of those who were there. Amazingly, I thought wrong. Only a few names slipped my mind. For the majority of them, I was able to put names and faces together. Phew!

Paparazzi at work

Paparazzi at work

Photos were taken, hands were shook, hugs and pats were exchanged. Amir and Mantok were among the loudest when they laughed. Of course, there were the usual ear piercing shrieks from the ladies.

At 11pm we had to clear the hall. The event is still far from over though. Off we went, well not all of us, to Kopitiam 333 to continue to catch up with each other. We basically took all the tables in the Kopitiam. Hahaha… Havoc! Still, I bet the owner must have appreciated the sudden extra income for the night.

We were at the Kopitiam until way past 3am. By then, everyone was clearly exhausted but still excited at the same time. So, it was time to part ways. The parting ways session alone took almost half an hour. Hahahahaha.. as expected..

All in all, this was truly a great event. Kudos to the people behind the organization of the event. To all those who were there, it was great to meet you all once again. We should do this again. Lets not wait for another 10 plus years this time. How about in 5 years time?

Photos which I took during the event can be viewed at my KodeeXII Picasa Web Album. Enjoy my xMRSM Muar Batch 88 Reunion 2009 photos. Some of the paparazzi should have also posted theirs in Facebook too. Go check them out.