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Almost one year has passed since our last trip back to Perlis. It was Alin and Yusof’s wedding in August 2008. Ikhwan is already one year old now.

As usual, we make it a point to at least spend a minimum of one week in Perlis every time we make the trip. No point in traveling the distance and only spend a few nights there. This time around, I initially planned to spend about ten days up north. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, we had to depart a couple of days later than planned.

The journey up north was pretty smooth. We traveled at leisure pace. No hurry and no traffic as it was not a weekend. We stopped for lunch at our favorite rest area – Sungai Perak. It was about 11:30am when we arrived there. A little early, thus it was not crowded. The best thing about being early – freshly cooked “Patin Masak Tempoyak”. Of course, we also tapau’ed the Patin too. Patin for dinner in Perlis later.

After lunch, the children get to spend a few minutes at the playground in the rest area. After two and a half hours in the car, I reckon they need to stretch their legs a bit. What does a father do when the children are having fun at the playground? What else.. snap some photos, of course. Thankfully my ever faithful Sony Ericsson is available.

Check out the photos at my KodeeXII Picasa Web Album. I will also upload a few of them photos into Facebook later.

Children Having Fun At Playground In Sungai Perak

Children Having Fun At Playground In Sungai Perak

One hour pitstop at Sungai Perak and we are off again. Next stop.. Sungai Petani. We’re meeting up with a few networking friends up there. How far is Sungai Petani from Sungai Perak? One and a half hour drive? Well, that’s just about right. One and half hours later, we are already in Sungai Petani looking for the rendezvous point.

We arrived at the rendezvous point as they completed their eCosway Business Opportunity presentation to the prospects. We hang out and chatted for a bit. Told them a thing or two about the process of becoming eCosway’s Condo Store Operator. Yes, we are currently waiting for our eCosway Store. In the meantime, network marketing is the name of the game.

One hour later, we continued our journey. No more pitstops. We opted to take the Bukit Kayu Hitam way instead via Alor Setar. Didn’t want to get caught in the Alor Setar rush hour as we were there slightly after office hours. The Bukit Kayu Hitam route is certainly a little bit further. However, it’s got less traffic. To top it off, it is a full fledge highway.

We finally reached our destination at about 1800 hours. Just in time for dinner. The Patin Masak Tempoyak sure smells good. A nine hour journey covering 530 kilometers in mileage. Surprisingly, we still had like one fifth of the tank still filled with gas.

In the past, we normally had to do a gas refill in Gurun. I think the leisure pace and the Automax Nanotech formula worked. We saved at least 20% fuel on this trip. That’s quite an awesome feat, I must say.

So, what did we do for a week in Perlis? What else.. rest, relax, eat and eat and eat. Isn’t life wonderful? It certainly is for me at the moment. Alhamdulillah.