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Ozzy and Yati - New Family Member PhotosApproximately at 0800 Hours, February 16th, 2008 Malaysian Standard Time (GMT +800), Ozzy and Yati was entrusted with another precious gift – their third child. This time around, they get to welcome a sweet little baby girl into their family.

We (I and Mona) stumbled upon Ozzy as he was enjoying his delicious Zainul Nasi Kandar in PJ. I had a planned Zainul outing with my fellow Ansara Muar brothers. Ozzy was about to finish his meal when we arrived. Thus, he told us about his new addition to the family.

As such, we decided to give the couple a visit at the medical center. We were in the neighborhood anyway. So, after we had our delicious serving of Zainul Nasi Kandar with the Ansara Muar brothers (Isqax, Imam and family), we picked up our beloved little ones and went straight to Pantai Medical Center.

Lucky for us, when we arrived, the newly born was still around. She was sound asleep, though. Thus, I managed to capture a couple of photos of the sweet little baby girl. According to Ozzy’s SMS, her name is Nadine Zaara.

Irdina and Luqman had a wonderful time running around the huge room. Yes,the room was really huge. Only the suites were available. Thus he had to take the suite. The good thing about it, the children have lots of space to run around without disturbing any one else in the hospital.

Check out their antics which I’ve managed to capture. It’s all available for viewing over at the Family And Friends Outing Tips photo album over at the Picasa Web.

Oh yes… Congratulations to Ozzy and Yati…