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I’ve had my share of Online Banking phishing attempts flooding my mailboxes. However, I feel like sharing this one particular phishing attempt I received today. Take a look at the following email I received.

Online Banking Phishing Email Fail

I can somewhat understand that a few people could probably fall for these types of phishing attacks. Especially if they are new to internet banking and email.

However, I don’t think I’d be able to understand if anyone would fall for the above phishing email. Check it out – First it says my CIMB account ┬áis suspended (ok.. lets not get into typo errors there). Then, they say Thank you from Malayan Banking Berhad (CIMB Bank).

Would you fall for this?

Ok. Here’s a note for all who are reading this. Your banks do not and will not send emails to you with regards to your bank account. I think they don’t even send marketing emails to you. So, have this in mind – Banks in Malaysia Do Not and Will Not send emails to their customers.