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We are headed to the hospital in a few minutes. Beloved wife has been feeling the contraction very frequently now. Last night it was like half an hour apart. We figured, might as well head on over directly to the hospital first thing in the morning.

Better make a start before the traffic starts to pile up.

So, insyallah, by the end of today evening, a new baby will be delivered into the world.

Will try to update things as soon as possible. Will probably be a tad busy doing new baby stuff today, though.

Oh yes, if you’re wondering which hospital, it’s Hospital Ampang.

New Baby Born[Update: 10:30PM]: New baby was delivered into the world at 12:25PM.  Mama spent a few hours in labor, after being induced at around 9:00AM. At 12:15PM Mama requested for the nurse and the labor process started. 10 minutes later, we were joined by the latest member of our family – a cute little baby boy. Weighting in at 3.37kg, he is a tad bigger than our eldest who was at 3.26kg.

Mama and baby are both well and healthy. Alhamdulillah. My thank you goes to the staff of Hospital Ampang for a job well done.

Tomorrow, I will have to go in and ask if they have a circumcision service for babies. I’ve asked the nurses in the labor room and maternity ward. They don’t seem to know anything about it. They claim that it has never been requested before. Hmmmmm.. Are we the first parent to request for such a service in Hospital Ampang?