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Nek Mok Family Gathering 200802It’s Nek Mok’s family gathering day. It’s a monthly do, where their family gathers together for a “kenduri arwah”. This time around the venue was in Keramat. My first time attending the event. Good food. Love the lamb chops. The children had fun blowing out birthday cake candles. Too bad the actual birthday boy was actually fast asleep during the candle blowing session.

Nek Mok’s Monthly Family Gathering Photos 2Here’s some background. Nek Mok, or probably better known as Chu, was my grandmother’s sister. She passed away a few years back – can’t recall exactly when. Since then, her children have been organizing these monthly get together. They rotate among themselves the venue of the event. The event schedule was simple. The first agenda, zuhur prayer. Followed by the recital of the Yassin and doa. Then, it’s “Makan Time”. Last on the agenda, birthday celebration for the birthday boy/girl of the month.

My hat goes off to Nek Mok’s family for being able to organize such an event every month without miss. I know about this event since my parents are also invited to attend them every month. For that, I thank you. I think it’s amazing that they are able to gather every one in their family together for this event every month. Getting people together is certainly not an easy task. Well, it’s slightly easier if it’s for a one time deal for a special occasion. Here, they managed to gather almost everyone in their family every month for these gatherings.

I can certainly see the values and benefits of these family gatherings. Besides ensuring that we perform our duties as children of our parents – sending prayers and sedeqah for our deceased parents, the gatherings will certainly bring the families closer together. From my observation during the event, I do feel that their family ties are very strong.

In time, I do wish that my part of the family will be able to do something similar to what they are doing currently. Insyallah.. Do you have regular family gatherings? How often do you have them? Where?

Catch all the children’s antics during the birthday cake session over at my Family And Friends Outing Tips photos at the Picasa Web Album.