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My youngest has a temperature right now. He also vomited three times since 9pm yesterday. Will be monitoring his fever. Bringing him to a doctor first thing in the morning. Hopefully it’s just fever.

A friend, fellow Ansara Muar, recently posted the following in his Facebook status:

Assalamu’alaikum n good morning. Please pray for my friend Dr. Nurfiza Isa (x MRSM Muar SPM84). She is now in ICU @ KPJ Seremban since Sunday of H1N1. Her condition is said to be critical and she is on life support since 2 days ago. I got this info from Dr Norherah via Khamsiah.

Muluk’s FB Status

Let’s all pray for her.

H1N1 is seriously becoming a major threat to all. How do we protect ourselves from this pandemic?

couple-n95flumaskThe basic protection is by wearing a mask. Not just any mask. I’ve done some reading. Not all mask is able to protect us from the virus. The mask we buy must be of the N95 types.

N95 Flu Masks, however, only protects us to a certain degree. The only sure fire way to protect yourselves is by putting on an air tight mask like an oxygen mask. That’s probably is way too bulky and expensive for daily use.

So, I guess we are only left with N95 Flu Masks.

Those flimsy type of masks you see almost everyone is wearing today doesn’t protect you much. Better get yourselves some N95 Swine Flu Masks now.

Any local flu experts out there? How much protection does these N95 Flu Masks give us?