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Lovin ItStone and family was in the neighborhood recently. It’s been a while since we last met up. Couldn’t find the time to meet up during their last few trips back here. Since we had nothing planned that day, we called them up to see if they had any plans. Thus, Subang Parade became the rendezvous point.

We got there just a little bit early. Traffic was good. Hence we strolled about the ground floor while waiting for Stone and family to arrive. Stone suggested we have lunch in Pizza Hut. Hmmmmm… They don’t serve rice in Pizza Hut la Stone… hehehe.. So Pizza Hut it is then. They were already seated when we got there.

Fun In Pizza HutThe children had fun, for sure. Irdina still remembers Abang Izzy and Kakak Lyana. A warming up period of about 5 minutes was required though. Well, it’s been a while since they last saw each other. After the 5 minutes warming up period, it became a no holds barred session between the children as they jump on each other. In between the jumping and running about, they still managed to finish off their meals. Isn’t that just great?

After lunch, we headed over to MPH. In MPH, I stumbled upon another old friend. An ex-magistrate who is now the head honcho of Gua. Chatted a bit and went our merry ways. Irdina took it to herself to grab hold of a box of books on numbers for herself. She actually took two boxes. In the end, after a long period of persuasion by Mama dearest, she agreed to let go of one of the box… phewwwwhh.. heheh

Irdina Running AboutAfter spending like an hour in MPH, we decided to hang out a bit outside at the sofa area provided. Over at the sofa, Irdina made friends with another sweet little girl. Irdina opened up her new box of books and read it together with her new friend. Later, it was another run around session for Irdina. She loves this very much. She can run and run and run. I really don’t know where she gets all her energy from. I guess, that’s among the benefits of being a child – unlimited source of energy.

I’ve captured a lot of photos during the entire Subang Parade outing. They have been uploaded to my Web Album, of course. So, head on over to my Subang Parade Album to catch the children’s antics during our Subang Parade outing.