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It’s that time of the year! What time? Liga Alumni Futsal Carnival time!!. Yes, the annual Liga Alumni Futsal Carnival is on. This time around, the venue is at HTO de Futsal in USJ 11.

Well, here are the details:
Event: Liga Alumni Futsal Carnival 2008
Date: June 15th 2008
Venue: HTO de Futsal, USJ 11
Fee: RM200 per team
Categories: Men Open, Men Senior (30+), Men Veteran (40+), Women Open.

Teams will represent their alumni association/bodies. 8 players per team. At least 5 players are from the respective alumni. Maximum of 2 imports (non alumni members) per team.

Champion of the Mens Open will receive RM2000, a set of soccer jersey for their Liga Alumni team, and Euro2008 replica jerseys. Champions of other categories will receive individual gifts and books for their respective schools.

Liga Alumni Futsal 2008 Lead ImageIt’s been a while, a really long while, since I played any sports. Been too busy with Technology and Computing Tips, Hurricane Gift Store and other stuff like Internet Marketing Expose – excuses.. excuses.. Will have to take a trip to the futsal arena this weekend. I wonder if the regulars are up to this? Do we have 8 players to form a team and participate in the Liga Alumni Carnival? Will probably have the answer by the weekend, if not earlier.

Here’s also an opportunity for the Ansara Muar Committee to come down and perhaps mingle with some ex Muar. An opportunity to bring in more members into the Ansara Muar fold?

Anyway, if you have a team and would like to participate, fill in the Liga Alumni Futsal Carnival Online Registration Form. If you don’t have a team, leave me your contact details. I will try to fix you up with a team.

Here is the official announcement that came into my email earlier.

Alami kehangatan Euro 2008 dengan Futsal Liga Alumni pada 15JUN 2008 di HTO
de Futsal USJ11.

Terbuka kepada semua pasukan 8 orang mewakili Persatuan Alumni masing-masing di mana sekurang-kurangnya 5 pemain terdiri daripada ahli persatuan sendiri dan tidak lebih daripada 2 orang pemain jemputan.

Sebanyak 4 kategori pertandingan disediakan

1. Lelaki Terbuka
2. Lelaki Senior – Atas 30 tahun
3. Lelaki Veteran – Atas 40 tahun
4. Wanita

Yuran penyertaan adalah RM200 setiap pasukan.

Bagi kategori Lelaki Terbuka pemenang berpeluang memenangi RM2000 bagi kegunaan persatuan dan bekas sekolah masing-masing serta set jersi pasukan bolasepak Liga Alumni mereka dan replika jersi Euro 2008.

Bagi lain-lain kategori pemenang akan memenangi hadiah individu dan buku bagi perpustakaan sekolah masing-masing.