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Alumni Cup 2007 LeadPic The Alumni Cup 2007 is coming to an end. Yes, it is time for the Final of the Alumni Cup 2007. The final match is scheduled to be played this coming weekend in UKM, Bangi. Here are the details.

Event: Alumni Cup 2007 Final
Date: Saturday, January 26th 2008
Time: 1700Hrs (05:00PM)
Venue: UKM Stadium, Bangi
Teams: Ansara K.Terengganu vs STAROBA


The Alumni Cup is one of the three major cups in the Liga Alumni Malaysia . The other two cups are Premier Cup and Ansara Cup. Ansara K.Terengganu is the current Ansara Cup holder as they captured the title when they defeated MCOBA in the Ansara Cup 2007 final in August last year. Ansara KT is also the defending champion of the Alumni Cup 2006 . STAROBA, is the current Premier Cup holder as they are the First Division League champion for the year 2007. Thus, this year’s Alumni Cup final is a match up between the Premier and Ansara Cup title holders.

The Road to the Final

Ansara K.Terengganu’s road to the final.
15th Dec. 2007 First Round – Ansara KT(2) vs ASAS(15) – 5:0
05th Jan. 2008 Quarter Finals – Ansara KT(2) vs MCOBA(7) – 0:0, Ansara KT won 3-2 on penalties.
13th Jan. 2008 Semi Finals – Ansara KT(2) vs Ansara Taiping(14) – 2:0

STAROBA’s road to the final.
16th Dec. 2007 First Round – STAROBA(1) vs SEMESTA(16) – 2:2, STAROBA won on penalties
06th Jan. 2008 Quarter Finals – STAROBA(1) vs Ansara Kuantan(9) – 7:0
13th Jan. 2008 Semi Finals – STAROBA(1) vs Al Puchong(4) – 5:3

Let’s all show our support to Ansara KT in the upcoming final Alumni Cup.

Go Ansara!!!