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Ikan Bakar Bellamy Lunch IconAnother end of month, another lunch by Azam. How many luncheons have there been so far? Probably a handful. So, first of all, before I continue with the details of today’s luncheon.

Thank You Very Much, Azam, for the wonderful lunch.

There were 12 of us, altogether. Azam organized a lunch for us all at the famous Medah Ikan Bakar Jalan Bellamy. Located somewhere behind the Istana Negara. The place supposedly serves one of the best Ikan Bakar in KL. It is after all, one of the more famous food outlet in KL.

I’ve heard about the place for quite sometime now. Never had the chance to go. Actually, I never had the urge to go. Don’t really know its actual location before today.

Getting there was fairly easy if you know your way around the Istana Negara area. Just drive your way to Istana Negara. As you approach Istana Negara (Istana should be on your left), there is a left turn right before the Istana Negara. Take that left turn. Drive on until you reach the end of the road – a T junction. Make a right. Drive to the end. Make another right and you are there.

It was already past noon by the time I reach the Medan Ikan Bakar. Parking was almost full. Luckily I managed to get a parking spot right beside the public toilet. Quite a modern public toilet too.

There were about three restaurants there. Azam chose the last one. He said it’s the better of the three. Fine by me. Luck was on our side once again. We had no problem finding a place where all 12 of us can sit together.

First order of the day, as everyone got seated – Two large jugs of Juice to quench our thirst. Juicy Asam Boy juice. I’m salivating as I’m writing this. Hahaha. As for food, Kak Zm, NaNeeNoo, and a few others took care of it. Since there were like 12 of us, the best way to order is to “Makan Hidang”.

Ikan Bakar Bellamy Lunch @ PicasaWebSo, off went Kak Zm, NaNeeNoo, and saper tah lagi to get them savory food. I just sat down and waited and wiping my saliva which was trickling down the side of my mouth.

Ikan Pari Bakar, Ikan Terubuk Bakar, Udang Bakar, Sotong Bakar, Kerang Bakar, Sambal Tumis (Bakar?) and Sayur Sayuran Tempatan. That was the menu for lunch. A true Malaysian Recipe indeed.

The food was exceptionally good. A tad hot and spicy, but very good indeed. Now I know why the place is well known. I believe all twelve of us filled up our tummy up the brim. NaNeeNoo also get to show off her Kerang Bakar with one hand expertise. I couldn’t do it.

Once again, with feelings – Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Azam, for a splendid lunch. Next month?