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Masjid LeadPicThe following khutbah was recorded at Masjid Ar-Rahman, Taman TAR, Ampang. Among the gist of the khutbah:

  • History of the Asyura – 10th Muharram
  • Benefits of fasting on the Asyura
  • Prohibition of bracelets on men

I learned about the prohibition of bracelets on men that day. Luckily, I was not wearing my magnetic bracelet to the friday prayer (took it off, the other day). Sadly, after the prayer, I still see a few still wearing bracelets. Perhaps, they were not listening when the khatib mentioned about it. Oh well…

Listen to the Khutbah

This is my first of many upcoming khutbah entries. The khutbah’s are recorded on my Sony Ericsson K618i. Thus, the sound may not be spectacular. Anyway, I hope I do get the message across to you… insyallah..