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Cahayaku Seri Iman Sports Day 2009

Cahayaku Seri Iman Sports Day 2009

Irdina, have never taken part in any of her kindy’s events. Thus, when Tadika Cahayaku Seri Iman organized their annual Sports Day event, we decided that Irdina should take part in this one. So, off we went early Sunday morning to the event venue.

We were among the first few who arrived early. Thus, we let them little ones loose at the playground. Irdina went straight to the slide. Luqman ran about with the youngest Ikhwan.

The Sports Day event started with an exercise module. Every one took part in this module. I took shots with my trusted Sony Ericsson cell phone of course. Oh yeah, my Olympus digital camera is still not usable pending repair works on its shutter cover.

Irdina took part in 4 events. Frog jump relay, Coconut shoe relay, Baton relay and hula hoop relay. Her team (Bear) took second place in all but the coconut shoe relay.

Both Abah and Mama took part too. We took part in two events and got 1st and 2nd placing in them. Hehehe, we got some prizes for too.

The event ended at half past noon. Later that day, Irdina went down with a fever. Probably due to the heat. She’s probably not used to playing out in the sun.

Hmmmm.. need to give her more energy water and expose her a little bit more to external activities I guess.

I’ve uploaded some of the photos into my Facebook album. However, for a more complete collection, head on over to my Picasa Web Album.

It was also the kids’ last day with Tadika Cahayaku Seri Iman. Since Mama has resigned from her workplace in Cyberjaya, we no longer need to send the kids to the nursery and kindy there. We’ll be looking for new nursery and kindy soon.

My heart felt thank you goes out to every one at the Tadika Cahayaku Seri Iman. It’s been a wonderful 4 years. Keep up the good work.