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FSBM Holdings Berhad held a family day for all it’s staff recently. It was held on November 17th, in FRIM, Kepong. The event was organized by the FSBM Sports and Recreational Club.

Morning ExerciseWe got there a little bit late. By the time we arrived every one was already in the middle of the first event – Morning Exercise by Fitness First. Yes, Fitness First was there too. Since I arrived in the middle of the session, I decided to just snap a few photos. Didn’t feel like joining in. After all, I was also carrying Irdina around. Hahahaha.. excuses.. excuses..

Anyway, check it out yourselves – Dato and Prof was also sweating it out.

A multitude of games were played. Some for the children, some for the adults. The game facilitator was from FRIM itself. It was fun for all.

The littles ones surely love the first event. I call it Candy Rushthe Candy Rush. It’s simple. All they had to do was to run to the center of the field and gather as much candy as they can. Can’t be any easier.

Now, this is one event Irdina could participate in. She would certainly love to gather them candies. So, I thought. She seemed, however, like she was contented just to watch every other child run and fight for them candies. Hahaha.. I had to actually entice her to pick up the candies. Otherwise she would probably just stand there and watch, in awe to all the excitement created by the other children. In the end, she did manage to grab a handful of candies. Of course, with a little assistance from daddy dearest.

After the Candy Rush, there were many more children’s game. Kids GamesHowever, Irdina was not in the mood to join. Perhaps she was turned off by the loud shouting and screaming of everything around her. However, she had fun her own way. Chasing and dragging me around the area. Oh well… See.. that’s why I didn’t have to do the Fitness First thingy earlier. I’ve got my very own fitness trainer. A very persistent one too.

For the rest of the children, they had games like Marble in the Sand, Ping Pong on Spoon, Rolling Rims, and of course, Musical Chair. All in all, I’m sure they had a grand of a time. Fitness First also gave out a handful of balloons to the children. Many of which ended up bursting within a few minutes or so.

The parents had their fair share of fun games too. Although some of the participants may not be as enthusiastic as their younger counterparts. Adult GamesYours truly did not participate in any of the events, though. My dearest did however took part. She was among the most enthusiastic ones. Her team did win one of the events. It was the Ball in Sack event, if I’m not mistaken. The adult games include Giant Trompah, Ball in Sack, Bracelet Making, and Rice Drawing.

Yes, for the grown ups, they were divided into groups of Yellow, Orange, Blue, Grey, and Red. Points are given to the team for participation and positions in the events. I’m an Orange member. Sorry guys, could not participate much. The team was doing well enough already without my participation anyway. Orange was the team leading the pack. I’ll just take part in taking photos la eh..

Food was also good. I had quite a number of servings of the Char Kue Teow.Now, was it because of hunger or was it really that good? I don’t know. As a matter of fact, after everyone had their share of the food, no one was up to continue with the games. The poor facilitator chap was blowing his horns out calling for participants, to deaf ears. Everyone was just too full to continue, perhaps. Besides, by then, the sun was brightly right on top spraying its UV rays for all. That, I guess, is one of the main reason why no one wanted to continue with the games.

Thus, at this point in time, the organizer decided to also call it a day. After all, everyone had their fair share of a great time, already anyway. To close it all off, Prof gave his usual pep speech. Hey, he stayed till the very end. Isn’t that just great? In fact, I think he even took part in the games. Thank you Prof. Lastly, my thank you goes out to the organizing committee for a job well done in making this event happen.

Parents and ChildrenI would also like to make a suggestion to future organizers of such an event. Well, take a look at these few photos. These depicts the parents working hard in encouraging their child to take part in the events. Perhaps, in the future, we could award these enthusiastic parents with a small token. We really should encourage parents to be enthusiastic about their children’s participation in such events. I’m no expert at this, but I’m sure it has a lot of positive impact on the child and also the parents.

The entire collection of photos of the event (taken by yours truly) is available at my picasaweb site.