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He used to be a judge. He was the editor of a couple of Malaysia’s glam magazines. He writes lyrics for a number of famous artists. He now heads Malaysia’s Entertainment portal – Gua. Last night he added another title into his already colorful resume. The latest addition, the moderator of the popular Hujah on TV9.

What can I say? Yeah.. Congratulations bro. It’s been a while since we last saw each other.

Yes, some of you might know him. He is probably better known as M.Zulkifli. Back during his years in the legal system, we used to call him YM Zul. Before that, it was Zul Blitz. Hahaha.. The great days of Blitz – “Try Your Best.. ”

I just got news about his Hujah debut today. Saw the link in Facebook. Checked out how he got roped in to host Hujah in his blog. Then checked out the Hujah episode.

M.Zulkifli in Hujah

M.Zulkifli in Hujah

Yeah, as he mentioned in his blog, his initial nervousness was clear crystal. It all dissipated after a while though and things went rather smoothly indeed.

The topic – Theater, for the elite? Not really a hot topic at the moment. Really, I don’t think many in Malaysia is even bothered about this right now. Most people don’t even follow the Malaysian theater scene.

When was the last time I actually went to a theater? I think, it was 5 years ago perhaps. I got a free ticket to watch Alang.. something.. Adlin was the main actor. Prior to that, I occasionally went to Actors Studio in Bangsar.

Today, I don’t even know what’s playing. I don’t even read the newsletters from Actors Studio which I am subscribed to.

However, that’s just me. Things might be different for the other odd millions of people in Malaysia.

The topic is probably suitable since it is your first attempt at moderating Hujah. A hotter topic might be in store for you in your next moderator gig. All the best in this new venture of yours bro.