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Looks like Ansara Muar will be sending a team to the Liga Alumni Futsal 2008 Carnival after all. The team has been registered under the name “Baim”. This team will be participating in the Seniors Category – Over 30 years category.

Looking at the registered players, I’d say we have a pretty decent team. Majority of them are the regulars of the Saturday Night Futsal and Teh Tarik session. I think they are going to do just fine in the tournament. Too bad I am not able to be there during the tournament. No, this time I’m not using my Technology And Computing Tips, Miami Hurricanes Store or Internet Marketing Expose as an excuse. The company is sending me out to PD for a training for the weekend.

If you are wondering when this Liga Alumni Futsal Carnival is to be held – It’s this coming weekend. It is happening at HTO de Futsal in USJ 11, Subang Jaya. So, come June 15th, let’s all head on over to HTO de Futsal and lend your support to our “Baim” team. If you are wondering who we are sending to participate…. Give a hand to these brave young guys:

  1. Juraimi b Rahim, MRSM Muar
  2. Mohd Farid b. Fadhil, ,MRSM Muar
  3. Mohd Fazully b Hamdan, MRSM Muar
  4. Mohd Musaddik b Zolkifli, MRSM Muar
  5. Md. Nizam b Razali, SM Jalan Cochrane
  6. Mohd Redza b Shamsudin, MRSM Muar
  7. Mohd Zaed b Mohd Nazir, MRSM Muar
  8. Zamry b Zakaria, MRSM Muar

There, now that you know who our players are. Will they be seeing you over in HTO de Futsal to cheer for them when they play? Come on, let’s all go over there and make some noise. For those of you who are interested to send a team. You can do so by filling in the Liga Alumni Futsal 2008 Registration Form. Ladies? Yeah, don’t we have any ladies team to send in?