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Just came back from Section 14 PJ. A friend of mine recently started his satay stall right in front of the section 14 mosque in Petaling Jaya. Satay Badak, no, he is certainly not serving rhinos nor hippos. That’s just what I told him to brand his satay outlet. I don’t think he is going to use it though. Oh yes, if you’re thinking why Satay Badak? Badak’s his alter ego name. Hehehe..

Satay being prepared

Being new in the business and doing it alone by himself, I decided to tag along for the night and help him out. Thus, I get to learn a thing or two about the satay business. It was 5 hours well spent, indeed.

A serving of 10 sticks of satay with compressed rice (nasi himpit), slices of onions and cucumber costs just RM7.00. His pricing, 70 sen per satay stick and RM1 for the rice. Pretty much the standard pricing for a single meal of satay these days.

The satay, is certainly tasty. I had just 5 sticks of chicken satay. All I can say, they are sweet and scrumptious.

The night started off with an order for 100 sticks of satay – 40 beef and 60 chicken. A to-go order. Badak’s first large quantity order. A good thing I was there to help out. While he tended to the satay, I helped him out with taking orders and serving the eat-in customers.

Business was good. Non stop from 8:00pm till about 10:30pm. A few 10 sticks order, a number of 20 sticks order and before we know it, we’ve served about 200 sticks of satay. All in just two and a half hours. Not bad for a newly started business, I’d say. Only after that two hectic hours did we manage to take a breather to sit down for a bit.

At the end of the 5 hours, a total of about 350 sticks was sold. According to Badak, it’s his biggest night to date. Not bad, considering it’s just his 10th day in the business. It would surely get better once word spreads out about his delicious satay serving.

During the breather, I asked him about the business. He says he gets his supplies from an upcoming satay supplier. The supplier provides him with all the necessary supplies to start his business. According to him, the supplier is already supplying a number of satay stalls in Klang Valley.

Interesting, indeed. Pretty much like a franchise, I guess. Any one out there interested in starting up your own satay stall? All you need is a good location and the desire to start a satay business. You don’t have to do any of the tedious satay preparation like marinating and skewering the satay into the sticks.

I didn’t manage to get the complete details, however. If you are interested to start a business in selling satay, I guess you could just drop by Section 14 Petaling Jaya and ask Badak himself about it. You could also then try out the satay and judge if it is good yourself.

Can’t make it to Satay Badak’s stall in PJ? Well, if you’re really interested, just provide me with your contact details in the comment section below this post. I can then refer you to Badak and get him to provide you with the details.

Would Satay Badak be a good branding for a satay business? What say you?