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In 2007, Ansara organized the first Ansara-Utusan Inaugural Nationwide Pre-Ramadhan Blood Donation Drive. The event was a great success. A total of 2,160 bags of blood was collected.

Following up on the 2007 success, Ansara is now in the midst of preparing to organize another blood donation campaign. Yes, the successful Nationwide Pre Ramadhan Blood Donation Campaign is coming up once again. The set of dates which have been picked for the event: 29th – 31st August 2008. The event will be held in 14 Jaya Jusco located all over the country.

The reason behind this pre-ramadhan event is due to the fact that most muslims do not donate blood during the ramadhan. The hope is that this event is sufficient to cover for the lack of donors in ramadhan. This event is held nation wide, hence, blood banks all over the country will have the chance to stock up on blood from this event alone, should it be as successful as the last event.

PDN has requested that the second set of dates, i.e. Friday Saturday and Sunday 29th 30th and 31st August 2008 be chosen as this years’s nationwide pre-Ramadhan blood donation campaign to make the campaign as close as possible to Ramadhan, only then will it be more meaningful and relevent. The 3 senior managers from AEON Jusco too were more keen and very enthusiastic towards choosing the second set of dates because from their experience and previous records, they are very confident of a bigger than usual crowd at all their Jusco shopping centres throughout Malaysia during the Merdeka long weekend which will help boost the number of blood donors for the campaign.

Excerpt taken from the official announcement at the Ansara site.

We collected 2,160 bags last year. Can we achieve more this year? I believe we can. Let’s all spread the word out together. Create a post about this event in your blog if you have one. Discuss about this event in the forums that you frequent. Put it up as your status message in your social network profiles and instant messages.

How many bags will come from Ansara Muar members?