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Kemaman 200712 LeadPicYet another Kemaman trip with a beach photo album in PicasaWeb. It’s the Aidiladha holiday plus weekend. Since it’s a somewhat long weekend (Thursday – Sunday), we (the entire family – me, parents, and sis) decided to take a trip to the east coast and pay our youngest a visit.

Sis started the trip first, as we had to make a stop over at Mak Teh’s house in Wardieburn. We ended up leaving Klang Valley at around 3PM. I made a mistake in gobbling up a ton of food at Mak Teh’s. As a result, I was a tad drowsy through the entire journey. I ended up stopping at an R&R every hour and a half just to take a refresher or so. A normally 3 hour drive took me like 4 hour plus this time around – the result of all the stops and safe driving (i was probably going only at about 90-100 km/h .. hahahaha).

Collecting the net As usual, them beloved little ones are taken to the beach. This time around, instead of the usual Cherating outing, we were taken to Chendor Beach. It’s probably not as famous as Cherating, however, this makes it somewhat less crowded – I like. The little ones, they had a whale of a time. Even Luqman joined in the fun in the water.

I also got a shot at photographing a fisherman at work (I think). I do believe that particular shot of the fisherman with the sunset background is spectacular (for my standard, at least). The funny thing about this fisherman, he throws the net, reels it back in, releases all the catch by the beach and continues fishing. It’s like he is netting them fishes not for himself, but for the public.

Yes, them photos have already been uploaded into my PicasaWeb Album (where else?). Just head on over there and enjoy my so and so wonderful shoots.