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What’s a so and so entry? Well, if you really want to find out, simple. Just continue reading. You’ll soon find out what it means.

Babies 200712To start it off, I’ve just updated my Picasa Web Album with more photos of, who else if not, my two little beloved tots – Irdina and Luqman. The album is simply called 200712. Why such a name? Well, firstly because I’m probably not creative enough to think of a creative name for such an album. But then again, what name should you give an album that contains photos of them little ones which were taken in December 2007? You tell me…

There are a few photos in there which I think is worth looking at, for me at least (but I am their father.. of course they’re worth looking at… hahaha). One of them is where Irdina is having a go at two bottles at the same time. The other is the mini tub photos where they are both sitting in a mini tub filled with water and soap bubbles.

The album currently contains just a few photos. Well, it ‘s just the 14th. Plenty more of December to have fun with.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say…

Happy Birthday to Us
Happy Birthday to Us
Happy Birthday to Us all
Happy Birthday to Us

The above song is dedicated to all those who celebrates their birthday in December:

  • Ateh (2nd)
  • Luqman (2nd)
  • Kaezrin (3rd)
  • Aizi (4th)
  • Muluk (6th)
  • Cougar san (7th)
  • xYM Dzul (8th)
  • Along (11th)
  • Yours truly (12th)
  • Dania (12th)
  • Pearl (13th)
  • Syura (14th)
  • Normi (23rd)
  • Ozzy (28th)

Did I miss anyone?