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Blogging Journey IconAnother new blog emerges. The blogging virus is still spreading. Another member of the [email protected] – The Kulis, Hard at Work family have now joined the blogging bandwagon. Lets all welcome Azam’s PeWaRiS – Sucessor of a Great Kingdom to the blogging world. Among his first post is A Must See YouTube video of PeWaris Falling Off His Bike!! It really is a Must See Post!

Have you got a blog? Why did you start your blog?

I started blogging in 2002. I just joined the iDesign family back then. The techies in iDesign, was running and hosting a blogging platform of their own. It was called I can’t recall how many bloggers we hosted on back then. Quite a large number I’d have to say. The blogging engine was developed by one of the prolific developer we had. Eventually Kepompom had to be brought down (Are you among the many kepompom bloggers? Give me a buzz if you are.).

After Kepompom, I decided to run my blog in my very own domain. Hence, in July 2003, the domain Kodeexii.Net came into existence. My blogging platform of choice was Blosxom – The Zen of Blogging on Linux. Blosxom is a perl script blogging engine which was already plugin enabled back then. My blog was hosted on a workstation, which was lying idle, at the office.

Blogging Journey Lead ImageMy blogging journey in Linux and Blosxom only lasted for about a year or so. Had to move to another subsidiary. Since I now have no control over the network, I thus had to fallback to Blogger as my blogging platform to run The Kid on The Blox in November 2004.

After about half a year blogging on Blogger, in June 2005, I started experimenting with Dasblog. I’ve found a way to host my blog on one of the servers at work. Thus, after testing and playing with Dasblog for a while, I moved my domain to another server running on windows. Dasblog became my blogging platform for a while.

I once again had to move my blog in the middle of 2006. The company installed a new firewall and access to my domain was blocked. I thus made another move to another hosting and blogging platform. I had recently bought myself a Hosting with Bluehost. I thus utilized this hosting account to host my domain.

Since the new hosting runs on linux, I had to drop Dasblog. WordPress became my choice for my blogging engine. It was the most popular and widely used engine at the time. Even now, I think.

That’s my¬† blogging journey after 6 years. In the beginning it was sporadic. I posted only like once a month or so. Now, after 6 long years, I’ve gotten the hang of it. I’m posting regularly now. Not daily, but regularly.

Blogging Journey BannerI believe there is still a lot of room for improvement, though. I do believe my writing has improved over the years. Improving my writing skills is actually my main reason to blog. I probably should also now start working on getting more traffic to my blogs and perhaps make some money out of it too.

Blogging has also exposed me to the various technologies available out there on the internet. I learned about domain, hosting, apache, linux, IIS, .Net, MySQL, etc.. all from evaluating, implementing and maintaining my blog.

So, do you own a blog? Why did you start? Have you ever taken a look back at your blogging journey?