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Water Is Essential

How many of you have installed a drinking water filter system in your house? I’m pretty sure that a majority of you have at least one water filter installed somewhere in your house. A drinking water filter system is the least you should have in your house.

Why do you need at least a drinking water filter system? Have you taken a close look at the quality of water you get today? Are you confident enough with the water you are getting from the tap?

Yes, most of the time, the water that comes direct from the main pipe in my house do look clean and clear. However, there are times when the water supply comes in murky and brownish in color. These makes me wonder about the cleanliness of the water coming in direct from the water mains.

As such, I’ve installed a water filter system at the main pipe to my house. Yes, my tap water now is consistently clear. On occasions, I’ll have to flush the main filter system rid off the murky brownish sediment from the main filter.

Still, does a clean and clear tap water indicate a safe to drink water source? Is my tap water now safe to drink? To the naked eye, it would seem so. The truth is really the opposite.

Tap water which is seemingly safe to drink really is not. There are still way too many dangerous content in the water which makes it not safe for consumption. Among the chief ingredient of fresh tap water is chlorine.

Chlorine is indeed required in our tap water. Yes, chlorine keeps the water free from dangerous bacteria which could cause us harm. As such, it is important that you ensure that the main which you install at the main pipe to your house does not filter out chlorine from the water. Without chlorine, the water will be stored in the internal tank in your house where bacteria will then be cultivated in mass. The presence of chlorine is required here to ensure the water in your tank remains safe from harmful bacteria.

Chlorine, while good to prevent bacteria, is really not good for your health. Experts have dicovered that excessive consumption of chlorine over the years will cause problems to a majority of our internal organs. Chlorine produces a cancerous compund called Trihalomethane that if taken in the long term causes problems to the kidneys, liver or central nervous system.

Trihalomethane is created when the water containing chlorine is boiled. As such, tap water is even much more dangerous if consumed after boiling. We’ve always been thought to boil water first before drinking right? What now? Don’t boil water? That’s not too safe either. Chlorine is still in the water.

What we need then is a drinking water filter system that removes chlorine at the tap. That’s the point where we get water for our consumption. Thus that’s the best point to remove chlorine from.

With chlorine removed from the water, you can now consume the water as you wish. You can boil it first if you wish to do so without worrying about the cancerous trihalomethane. You can also drink the water as is since chlorine have kept the water free from dangerous bacteria prior to it being filtered and removed from the water by the drinking water filter system.

With a proper drinking water filter system in place, you are assured of a chlorine and bacteria free water supply for consumption.

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