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2011 Making Your Online Business GreatThe time is just right to brief you up on the Basics of Online Business Blueprint for the year 2011. How did your online business do in 2010? With 2011 approaching fast, you need to prepare your business for the new year. Lets take a look at how you can plan for an even better business in the year 2011.

Before you start, however, it’s best if you were to first reassess the current status of your business. Where are your pages at in terms of the Search Engines Result Page (SERP) for your targeted keywords? Are your pages climbing up the Google Page Rank? Are they somewhere in the Search Engine limbo? Did your blog achieve what it was meant to do in 2010? How many of these 13 Blogging Blunders did you make?

What Is Your Online Business Objective in 2011?

As the saying goes, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”. So, before the start of the new year, I’d say it’s best if you plan your business upfront. While planning, figure out what is it that you want to achieve next year with your blog.

What’s the goal of your business blog in 2011? Do you want more sales? Do you want more subscribers? Do you want more of your readers to click on your Ads? Do you want to change the focus of your blog to a new aspect of your business? Would you like to attack the market from a different angle?

Planning The Work To Be Done In Your Online Business

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Once you’ve laid down the plan and objective of your blog for 2011, it’s time to plan how to achieve that target. What are the keywords to target for in 2011, if going for new set of keywords. Who is going to write the articles for the targeted keywords? Outsource? Internal staff? Self written?

Who will be in charge of marketing your business? Where do you plan to market? Again, will you also outsource this? Assign it to a specific staff or do it on your own? What are the tools you need for marketing?

Backlinks are also important for your online business success. You need a lot of backlinks in order to climb up the rankings. Where do you get these backlinks from? How do you get them? Directory submissions? RSS Feeds? Podcasts? Do you assign them to external parties or do you work on them yourself?

Wait a minute! All the above seems a little bit too much for one person to handle. How can one person do all the above and still work on the business?

Well, with proper planning and execution, you can certainly do it. Yes, it seems like too much for one person to handle alone. However, if you were to follow a proven blueprint or system, it can be manageable. Still, it would certainly be good if you have at least one assistant or partner to help you out.

Working On Your Online Business In 2011

Seriously, you don’t really need to write content or articles every day. Of course, if you have a fairly new blog, that’s a different story. If your business blog has been up for a while with existing content, then two articles per week would do just fine. So, that makes it about 8 or so articles per month.

How long does it take for you to churn out 8 articles? 4 hours? 8 hours? Seriously, it should not take you too long to produce 8 keyword targeted articles per month. Spend one day at most to write the articles and schedule them up in WordPress. Set it up and forget. WordPress will automagically publish your articles accordingly.

Go and install the Editorial Calendar Plugin. This wonderful plugin allows you to visualize your editorial plan for the month. It will certainly help you out in planning your article publications.

Add Rosalind’s 2011 Holiday Calendar and your local Holiday Calendar if you have one into the mix. Combine them all together and you will have yourself a pretty complete list of events to plan your articles around for the entire year.

Now that you’ve got your contents all ready for publishing. You can set some time for marketing and getting backlinks. Yes, you need to submit your site to directories, RSS feeds, podcasts and you need to gather some backlinks. The truth is, you don’t have to do it all at once. Can you spare 30 minutes a day? That is already more than enough to cover it all.

Every day, you submit your site to a web or blog directory. Submit your RSS feed to a Feed directory or aggregator. Just submit to two or three per day. That should only take you about 5 to ten minutes, probably less.

You now have about 20 minutes to spare from that 30 minutes. You’ll need a list of relevant forums in your niche. Spend the remaining time to promote your business in these forums. How do you do this? Be active in the forums. Post questions or provide answers to some one else’s question. Help people out. Link back to your site in your signature. That’s it.

That 20 or so minutes could also be used to make comments on other relevant blogs in your niche. Do what you do in the forums. Post questions. Provide answers. Bottomline, add value to the conversation.

Another way to spend that 20 minutes is to rewrite those articles you have written. Use an article spinner to speed up your writing. Submit these rewritten articles to article directories. You could also add them into web 2.0 sites like Squidoo and Hubpages. Spend at least one week marketing your business on these web 2.0 sites.

You can rotate what you do for the 20 minutes. You don’t have to do them all in the same day. One day the forums, another day blog comments, one day articles and so on. Just stick to spending about 30 minutes every day on marketing.

So, are you ready to work on your online business in 2011? Bare in mind that the 30 minutes a day mentioned is really just the minimum amount of time you need to work on your online business. That is if your online business is just a small part of what you do – you have a full time nine to five job.

If you are fully committed to your online business, then you could probably spend more time on it rather than just 30 minutes a day. It’s all about putting the relevant pages of your online business in front of those who are looking for it. If you intend to make 2011 a successful year for your business, then you should start it right.

You’d do great if you follow a set of proven online business blueprint. It will surely help you out in making 2011 a highly successful year for your Online Business ventures.

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